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Part 8: The Sixth Wonder

We've now been transferred to a new, elite interceptor unit named the 242nd Suicide Kings.

For those that don't know, in a deck of cards, the King of Hearts (representing Julius Caesar) is always depicted with a sword through his head. This leads to the nickname Suicide King.

The more you know.

First off, we have a message from our new commander.


Lieutenant Commander Cordova here. Welcome to the 242nd Suicide Kings, pilot. I've heard from unofficial channels that the rebels have launched a suprise attack in the Epsilon Pegasi system. Details at this point are sketchy below Phi level clearance, and Command is in no hurry to fill us in. Petrarch says he'll brief the Aquitaine when we reach Capella.

The GTA formed the Suicide Kings in the Great War, when the old Valkrie fighter went into service after the Shivan attack on Ross 128. The 242ns was stationed in the Galatea back then, and our first mission was the capture of Lieutenant Alexander McCarthy. We all studied the McCarthy trials in school, pilot. We're a part of history here, though the Galatea is long gone and the Valkyrie has since been retired.

The Perseus is the next-generation interceptor, the fastest fighter in the GTVA. Our primary combat role is charging bombers and chasing down warheads. We're also assigned to surgical strikes against bigger warships. We're not called the Suicide Kings for nothing, pilot. We earn that name on every mission. For that reason, I suggest you review the Perseus training modules as soon as possible. There, you'll learn how to target bombs and turrets and everything else you need to serve in an intercept squadron.

You are now authorized to use the GTM-43a Stiletto II missile, designed to incapacitate subsystems. The 43a improves on the original Stiletto design by modifying its guidance systems and disruptor charge. The Stiletto also boasts a more power propulsion system, increasing its speed and effective range.

Personally, the Peresus is my favorite ship. I realize that this isn't a unanimous opinion, but I just love the speed and maneuverability it has over the other ships.

Anyway, on to the setup for the next theater of action.


36 hours ago, the NTF launched a full-scale offensive in Epsilon Pegasi, taking the GTVA 6th Fleet by surprise. Commanding his forces from the NTD Repulse, Rear Admiral Koth leads the Rebel advance. With 75 percent of our forces in this system decimated, the regional death toll since the incursion now exceeds 80,000.

Unless we act quickly, a decisive Rebel victory is imminent.

The GTD Aquitaine will lead the allied counterstrike against Koth and his warships. We will resupply in Capella before shipping out to the front.

We have also learned our campaign in Sirius has failed. A two-pronged offensive launched from Alpha Centauri and Deneb encountered fierce resistance. Unless we can devise a military solution for dealing with the Rebels, the GTVA will be forced to recognize the NTF's authority in Sirius, Regulus, and Polaris.

Allied engineers in the meantime are developing and adapting technologies that will enable us to fight more effectively in the nebula. Dr. Hargrove and her research team continue to study the subspace portal. Their findings have been classified level Phi.

Until the situation in Epsilon Pegasi has been normalized, the GTVA will suspend its operations in the nebula.

Thank god, we're done with the nebula for now. We're now also fighting a two-sided war. We have Shivans on one side of us and the NTF on the other.

Mission 8: The Sixth Wonder

The briefing is as follows;


This is Lieutenant Commander Cordova, leader of the 242nd Suicide Kings. Welcome to Epsilon Pegasi, pilots. Enif Station, the Alliance's base of operations in this system, is now under attack. Though we have destroyed the NTC Outrage, the Cato continues to bombard the installation with heavy beam fire.

Evacuation of civilian personnel on board Enif Station is now in progress. As you know, civilians are protected under the Beta Aquilae Convention, but the NTF has rejected the treaty and its provisions. Fortunately, most of the civilian convoy has jumped safely to the Capella jump node.

Your mission is to defend Enif Station. As the leader of Alpha wing, you will command your squadmates to destroy the fighters and warships besieging our installation. If the rebels sortie their Zeus bombers, intercept the warheads before they impact the base.

Allied forces are engaging the Rebels throughout the system. As resorces become available, they will be deployed to assist you. Until we get these reinforcements, however, holding down the fort is all up to you. This sortie will be the first combat field test of the Perseus intercept fighter, so let's put on a good show.

We enter the field just in time to see NTF warships firing at civilian vessels. Those poor civilians

Calypso: "NTF fighters, you are firing upon a civilian vessel! Break off your attack!"
Command: "Alpha, we need some fighter cover on the Calyps! Hold back the Rebels so the civilians can escape!"

Simple enough. There are two immediate threats. A wing of 3 Hercs, and the NTC Cato. Being in an interceptor, my first targets are the fighters. I'm not much for taking out the big warships in this fighter.

Pisces 1 dislikes the fact that I'm here to destroy him. He also thinks he can beat me at a game of chicken. He flies straight at me and we exchange some laser blasts. He pulls up at the last second and we narrowly avoid a collision.I pull up sharply behind him and give him a piece of my mind.

Pisces 2 follows suit. I hop on Pisces 3's tail and give him a missile buffet

I target the Cato next, but before I get a chance to attack, I'm interrupted.

Enif Station: "Enif Station here. NTF bombers are closing in!"
Command: "Intercept the bombs before they hit the installation! We must not lose that base!"

I boost over and pull up behind the bombers just as they launch their torpedoes.

Leo 1 was being a little tricky. If you can see from the screenshot, he got right in the way of one of the torpedoes, I couldn't shoot it because he was in the way.

Then I realized that he was flying right next to the other torpedo.

He didn't last very long once I blew the other torpedo up
After this I rode Leo 1's ass like a gay cowboy.

Calypso: "This is the GTFr Calypso. We have cleared Enif Station. Now engaging subspace drive."

Now that all fighters and bombers are taken care of, I can get back to the Cato. By the time I reach it, its hull is critical, and it's being bombarded on all sides.

Command: "Well done. The NTC Cato has been destroyed!"
Enif Station: "More rebel bombers inbound! Seek and destroy!"

As I fly towards the next wave of Zeus bombers, The Mannheim, a civilian transport leaving Enif Station, disembarks.

Mannheim: "This is the Mannheim. We have set course for the Capella jump node. Activating jump drive now."

The bombers, as usual, fall under heavy fire and are smashed in to pulp before they manage to launch a second torpedo.

Enif Station: "All civilian stransports have departed safely."

However, one of the torpedoes still connects with the station.

Enif Station: "This is Enif Station. We have sustained moderate damage. All breached levels have been sealed off. Engineering reports the situation is under control."
Enif Station: "Command, this is Enif Station! A new wing of bombers has jumped in! Request immediate fighter cover!"

After destroying the initial salvo of torpedoes launched by the new wave of bombers, I chase one down as he runs parallel to the station, preparing to launch another bombs. He gets a few missiles stuck up his tailpipe and that's the end of that.

Command: "Incoming jump signature! Hostile configuration!"

A wing of three Lokis emerges from subspace and the dogfighting begins.

Alpha 2: "I'm reading an incoming jump signature! Configuration unknown!"

Oh no. Remember what happened last time we heard this?

Beta 2: "Command! There's a massive warshop now emerging from subspace!"

Oh no. Ohhhhh no. This can't be good. Is it another Ravana?

Command: "IFF status is friendly. Meet the Colossus, the largest space-faring warship ever constructed."

Wait... what? You mean it's friendly? What does this thing look like?

Colossus: "This is the GTVA Colossus. Fighters, stand clear of hostile warships. All batteries, fire at will."

I turn to face the Colossus just as it fires a battery of Beam cannons at the enemy warship, the Hawkwood.

Keep in mind that the Colossus is still nearly 6,000 meters away in that picture. That's how large this son of a bitch is.

Command: "We have defeated the Hawkwood!"

Command: "Return to base, pilots. Mission accomplished."



In your courageous defense of the Enif Station, you were eyewitness to an historic moment: the first combat deployment of the GTVA Colossus.

You and your wing also showed us what the Perseus Intercept Fighter can do. Against overwhelming odds, you repelled an attack against a facility of the utmost strategic importance for the Alliance.

The commander of Enif Station personally extends his gratitude, pilot. I can see you'll make a fine addition to the Suicide Kings.

The Alliance has won battle after battle throughout the system, crushing the NTC Rapier, the NTC Explorer, and the NTD Normandy. These victories have stalled the Rebel advance, and now with the help of the Colossus, we will push them back into the Polaris system, securing Epsilon Pegasi once and for all.

For demonstrating exceptional skill in combat, you are hereby awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.