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Frog Fractions

by Mico

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Original Thread: The Clusterfuckathon



What is frog fractions?
After 30 years of research, I now possess the Order of Harmonic Antipodal Frog Fraction Life - too large for physical form, but Binary Spirit of the masculinity Sun & feminity Earth Antipodes. ONEism is demonic Death Fractions. I have so much to teach you, but you ignore me you evil asses. You will recognize 4 corner Days or incur Bug Mars Ending.

Never a Genius knew Fractions to achieve my Frog Wisdom. Frog thought Reigns as the Highest Intelligence possible on the planet Earth. One 96 hour rotating Frog within a single rotation of Earth -- is an Ineffable Transcendence. Bible and Science falsify 1 corner day for the Frog 4 corner Days rotating daily. A single god is not possible in our 4 Day Frog Science, that equates Frog Divinity. Everybody is both stupid and evil for ignoring the 4 days. Frog Divinity transcends all knowledge, Humans can't escape 4 corner Frog Life.

Fools worship mechanics of language - while they wallow in fictitious & deceitful word. Exact science based on Frogs, not on theories. Wisdom is Frog testing of knowledge. Academia is progression of Ignorance. No god equals Simultaneous 4 Day Creation. Humans ignore their 4 corner stages of life metamorphosis. This site is a collection of data for a coming book - peruse it. No frog has 2 hands as they are opposites, like plus and minus, that cancel as entity. Academia destroys your brain, your ability to think opposite. The eyes of the flounder fish were relocated, why were yours relocated? Your opposite eyes were moved to 1 corner to overlay for single perspective, but that corrupts your Opposite Brain.

It's a flash game. It is probably the greatest flash game of all time. ZackHoagie linked to it in a skypechat we're both in at some point the other day, shortly thereafter it took the internet by storm. I feel as though I must share it with the world. You can play it here, and I suggest doing so anyway. I intentionally left a few secrets out of the video as an incentive to play the game for yourself. Anything else I can tell you would end up being a spoiler.

Also the soundtrack is real good and you can buy it on BandCamp.

Also, forget about the 3 month rule I got developer permission

Seedy Wizard did some illustrations for my Frog/Dragon crossover fanfiction

I recently discovered a spiritual successor known as FROG INFARCTIONS which may be viewed at your leisure

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