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Part 52: Mission #49: A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Goes to War

Yeah, double assault should work, although I haven't tried it in this branch...maybe one of you will give it a try when we get access to the Heavy P-Gun again.

Also, let me finish the Deceitful Penguin debate for you guys. Is he irritating from time to time? Absolutely. But I don't think it reaches the level of being probated, and if the only thing we can do is start a fracas in this thread, I say just let the damned penguin be.

Mission #49: A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Goes to War

: Tell Wulong to take Koriyama, and to avoid battles as much as possible.
: Yes, sir!
: And contact Kazuki.
: Tell them not to pursue?
: Yes.
Playing through this game, I now feel a pang of dread every time things start to look up for the party, it always seems like calamity is just around the corner. It's a lot like watching the Cubs.

: You let those mercenaries have their way with you!
: Commander!
: What is it?
: Enemy forces!
: ! Persistent. They're disgustingly persistent! I will rendezvous with the 1st division. Make sure you finish them off this time! You hear me!? I will not be laughed at by the likes of Kuroi.
Kanai went to the Cobra Commander school of management, and received an executive MBA with honors.

: He runs because he is normal! Only insane people fight.
Lan, there is no place for your reasonable arguments in this game! Recant immediately!
: You got a point there.

Quota day! This cycle of builds is almost over, and there are a number of wanzers I haven't used enough. Solution? Use them all in this one mission. Alisa, Liu, and Mayer get the call. Miho is there to make sure that they win.

This isn't a bad mission to go with missiles and grenades. There are plenty of big targets that will ensure at least a modicum of accuracy, and there aren't a lot of enemies with melee or short range weapons, so the worst flaws of the missile wanzers aren't going to be exposed.


Liu unlocks a new skill! Will anyone heed his call?

Miho checks in...

And takes care of the problem.

Incidentally, this is the upgraded version of the Tyrant that swapped out the Lenghe 1 body for the extra power needed to carry two top of the line shotguns. A good trade.

Miho! That shotgun is not a toy!

Alisa fires a missile. Don't get too excited, this is after a Skill+3 went off.

This, on the other hand, is how much damage normally does with her missiles. I didn't like using Alisa even when she was the best long-range option on the team. At this point, I'm only using her because you guys deserve to have your designs show off. This won't be as much of a problem next branch because the second missile pilot you get is....well, I'm not looking forward to it is all I'll say.

The last missile goes in for a hit. At this point, Alisa, Mayer, and Liu are out of ammo, forcing them to rely on their secondary weapons. The results are...well, I've still got Miho.

Miho blows up another missile tank. These tanks are kind of lame. I mean, they can't move very fast, or very far, they aren't particularly accurate, and they're so big that your units practically can't miss them. I am disappointed in the engineers of future Japan.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party is reduced to screening Miho from the remaining enemies. I'd be much more concerned about Alisa losing her missile launcher if it still had any missiles in it.

That's the last enemy. A good effort from some wanzers I didn't think too much of.

Decent enough. Miho wins MVP, although every wanzer turned in an excellent performance.

The aesthetics of that mace never cease to irritate me.

: Wait, this is Nonaka of the 12th division. We have no intention of fighting. We surrender.
: Surrender? This isn't some trick, is it?
: Of course not. We were only acting on orders. We weren't interested in having a coup in the first place.
: All right. We accept your surrender. Drop and deactivate all your weapons and move to the command section.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Since when do we accept surrenders? Cowards! Where is your fighting spirit!

Next Time: Are we bad enough dudes to rescue the Prime Minister?