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Front Mission: Gun Hazard

by Opendork

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Original Thread: Front Mission: Gun Hazard - The inherent dangers of gun operation



About the Game

Front Mission, if you didn't know, is a series of strategy RPGs, which started with the original Front Mission on the SNES in 1995. The next year, this spin-off was released in Japan only. For this LP, I'll be using this translation, available from Aeon Genesis, which was released in 2004. The games involve giant robots called Wanzers that blow each other up. That's cool. I think it's supposed to be German, though, so you pronounce it like Vahn-ser. Honestly, this is the only one I've played.

As I said, this is a spin-off. It has nothing to do with the plots of the other games to my knowledge, and it's not a strategy RPG. Instead, it's an action one. It has a lot in common with the "Assault Suits" series. (see Cybernator, also on the SNES) There isn't nearly as much customization as there is in the main series of games, but there's still a good number of weapons and equipment for your giant mecha. It has plenty of grinding and reading, like all good Square(soft/-Enix) games.

Why I'm Doing This

After two games that had horrible stories and were short, I needed a break. So I'm doing a game that has a good plot and is longer than those other games combined and double and will most likely kill me.

So get comfortable, we're in this for the long haul.

How I'm Doing This

Okay, so since this is an actiony game, you might wonder why I don't do a full VLP. Well, I wouldn't be cut out for it. But also, there's a lot of repetition in this game, as well as a lot of talking and story . Neither of those things would be fun to watch. So, Hybrids come to save the day. Interesting bits, boss fights, and such will have video. There will also be some audience participation where appropriate. I can ask you which level I should do first, or which partner I should take when I start getting them.
For the record, my comments will be in italics.

So leave any comments or suggestions or whatever that you have. If you're listening, let me know. Ask questions if you have them. Make suggestions, too. Most of all, enjoy!

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