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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 11: A Giant Enemy Spider approaches. I nuke it.

Double post? Must be an update!

My lance marched into Freedom City expecting to see a welcoming committee. Instead, we got Olson on the radio telling us the USN hadn't been deterred by our airstrikes. Turns out those Hell's Wall jokers had delayed us long enough for them to reroute some front-line troops.

Their commander had holed up in a RCC bunker near a large hotel, ready to co-ordinate a rearguard when we arrived.

Keith, however, simplified these orders to the lowest common denominator. The sort I like.

Natalie finally made herself useful. She'd picked up some kind of EX unit on the radar that I'd ignored as an RCC. Turns out it was a Clinton Industries Command Unit. An RCC on legs packing a fucking big gun.

Parts off a CIC fetch awesome money on the black market, or I could be honourable and "donate" it to Special Projects for inspection. Clinton Industries are a USN company, and we don't have an answer to them as yet.

But I saw the cockpit footage of a unit who ran into one. Let's just say it's got a railgun.

The USN clearly didn't expect such a force, and they had to regroup around the Clinton. That was going to buy us some time.

The battle was furious. Street fighting isn't fun for an artillerist, and my guidance system was nearly overheating. Natalie fell to a surprise attack from the enemy lance leader, but soon we'd fought our way to the CO.

The damn Clinton wouldn't die. It's railgun wasn't the most accurate weapon, but when it hit it crippled you.

Alder got the last shot with his flamer. God it was satisfying to see that fucking thing explode.

It had damaged Sakata real bad, though, and a stray shot from a crippled tank destroyed him.

Frederick took it down. He was getting quite the soldier.

The shots from the Clinton had damaged Alder to the point where he couldn't continue.

But then it looked like it could only get worse. Another contact? On its own? I know at the time I thought it was going to be Driscoll.

It was that fucking decker.

When he shut up, I realised I'd got him into a lot of trouble.

I don't quite know what he meant there, "more safer?" But another gun is no bad thing.

He was going to take me there if I had to beat it out of him.

He owed me one, all right. And I get what I ask for. The "materials" they had taken was in fact the whole reason I went to the hospital, it seemed. But it was a lead.

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