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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 16: How to make friends with the natives.

seorin posted:

I spent more time wondering about the cut off text than I did reading the update

Also, I was just thinking about this thread, and then it popped up again. Yay!

My apologies for that. The text speed in this game is screwy, and I can't seem to find a game script on the net. But the rest of the update will come. Now, in fact! It's mostly just plot, though. But I'd taken 55 screenshots and the mission had only just started, so that's why.

...where was I? Oh yes. We'd just headed out of the base and all of a sudden I'm dodging machine gun fire.

Two soldiers had taken their barrack-room quarrel outside and onto the streets. Keith didn't want to intervene, but I suggested we armed up anyway. If it got nasty, I figured I could kill them both.

But we immobilised them instead.

Fucking nutcases, both of them. A fucking tribal given a wanzer worth twenty grand? And a fight because he wanted to protect the fucking plants?

Damn straight. For a tribal, he was certainly aware of the world.

They could keep Peewee company in the rearguard. And could probably make me some money selling weed to the other soldiers. That's what they do, isn't it?

So we got two new friends. They had to stay at home this time, though. Blowing the bridge was a delicate operation.

Hans took too long planting the charges for my liking, but he assured me it wasn't a problem.

Oldest trick in the book. Like the Great Train Robbery.

He really thought I was going to let USN war supplies burn with the train? I was salvaging that before the bomb went off. He could have a share.

Lure out the cops, or in this case the USN troops...

And we had twenty-four minutes before that thing exploded.

Next time... !