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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 22: How do you feel about me raging war upon your cities?


I'm glad you read about Fort Morgan. It sets up what happened next nicely.

A stalemate had formed. The gap in their lines wasn't strong enough to break through, and they weren't in any position to break out. But we didn't have time for a siege, so into the breach we were sent.

I hate arrogance. Attitudes like that inevitably lead to miscalculations.

We'd picked up a transmission concerning some kind of new unit. The Sea King.

An experimental weapon? Made by Sakata? I thought we had the contract with them. This was looking bad. Sakata himself seemed worried.

The opening salvoes felled Yang, Frederick and Peewee. Well, I wasn't expecting much of any of them. This battle was personal. With Driscoll just a few miles away by now and the last surviving member of Hell's Wall in front of me, I just needed to survive long enough to get vengeance.

The Sea King fell to our combined efforts. Mopping up went relatively smoothly with a few exceptions...

Well, it wasn't surprising that Natalie wasn't going to be coming home in her mech.

The city was in our hands. Minimal losses, and the Sea King was worth a mint in salvage.

And I'm sure we'd be able to fulfill this woman's wishes. Olson told us that the USN were in full rout, and our final missions were in sight. However, things were never going to be that simple, were they?