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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 23: I hate you dad and everything you stand for!

My father. I haven't seen him for a long time. I remember the day we parted, though.

I... don't want to see you again. Get out of my sight. I hate you! I don't need a son like you! Your brother did as was asked of him! My brother? You always preferred him! Better a son who understands his father's work than a coward and liar like you! You killed mother and you'll kill my brother too! At least she did her duty! You've got no sense of the importance of my work! What work? If you're leaving then GO! Otherwise, get in the helicopter! I'll expose your work! The experiments! What happened to mother! Do that and you'll be a wanted man.
You see, there's a dark side to Sakata Industries. Unethical testing. I couldn't tell anyone at first, but I figured if I disappeared then I could get in touch with terrorist groups, others who believed me. But the OCU found me first. I'm now helping to keep his secrets.

I hoped that I could get a message off. Tell someone the truth.

I wasn't surprised father had enemies. The number of homes he broke up, the number of lives he ruined. All in the name of progress.

I listened to their inane banter, their empty words of patriotism. If only they knew the truth about their national hero.

The leader of the attackers sounded the retreat. He hadn't wanted an open fight. But I saw Clevain order them to be hunted down.

He fled the field. I'd failed, for now.

I did my part. I didn't want to kill anyone, but it would have looked... odd... if I hadn't.

I have to admit I smiled when the helicopter went down. But father was still alive, he wasn't going to die that easily.

I feigned care. Did a pretty good job, too.

But this wasn't the development I wanted. A dead man couldn't be brought to justice.

I helped to protect the wreck, but not so that father would be saved. So that I would be the one to punish him.

Brother? What was he doing here? God, father hadn't corrupted him too?

Nice of them to recognise me. But if both countries were involved, then whatever happened to the exclusive contracts? And the Metal Walker? I'd never been that close to father but my brother had given me what information he could about his work.

There had been no mention of a Metal Walker.

And a plan? What plan? This was a war, not some testing ground...

Then it became clear. Everything did.

And I wasn't going to be needing the services of Mr. Lloyd Clevain for much longer. God, you have no idea how wearing his incessant whining about that bitch Karen was. She'd been the most godawful whore at college, fell in with all the wrong crowds. And as a pilot, she was nothing more than mediocre. I was going to be glad to see the back of all of them.

Either at the right hand of the father or as the man who brought down Sakata Industries, I was going to end this war.

I just needed a little more information before I could make up my mind. Perhaps I'd been wrong in what I'd said all those years ago...