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Front Mission

by Bob Smith


Declassified Field Report: Field Hospital 13.6km away from Fort Monus (Sensitive data has been expunged for reasons of national security cf. 2nd Huffman War)
By Natalie Blakewood.

Transcript of conversation with Dr. Graham Brown, concerning possible links to radical movements.

My conclusions from this initial meeting were that Dr. Brown was a man who should be exempt from suspicion. There was no way of linking him to  terrorist movements  and his time spent on the  OCU Science Council  supported the idea that he was a man in possession of sensitive data.

Further investigation followed.

Transcript of testimony of Col. Fei Neumann and Sister Elly Van Der Meer, resident at the site

This testimony supported my suspicions. Dr. Brown was innocent, and the only reason the terrorists were interested in him was an attempt to gain data regarding  OCU military plans for an invasion of Zaftra 

Initial reactions of fellow investigative officers to this information.

Full and unabridged account of communications with hostile pilots.

The sudden attack on Dr. Brown's facility immediately following his testimony confirmed in my mind that the only reason insurgent groups would have involvement is by means of  blackmail or threats . Combat ensued.

Aerial footage of the battle, recorded by support helicopters.

Further questioning of Dr. Brown ensued, which revealed several interesting details. These follow in report number  00284c.  (This data has not been declassified)