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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 27: Some Things Just Aren't Worth Dying For.

This's hard to talk about. I acted...unreasonably. I wasn't myself.

Olson had said I was to meet someone. It was none other than the President of Sakata Industries.

...Latest model Wanzer...

My suspicions were raised. Why was Sakata so...unsure of his security? I should have smelt a rat long before I did.

The smug bastard was criticising the OCU army's ability to keep the peace.

I'd told Hans to bug all the phones at base. Olson was up to something, that was obvious from the Dr. Brown affair. This was going to be interesting.

TRAITOR! He was going to face justice. Another one for the list. Words couldn't express my loathing of this slimy bastard, singlehandedly taking my only chance for vengeance away from me. The peace treaty? All a ploy, it seemed. Sakata and his whole bloody family had been giving with one hand and taking with the other. No wonder the USN were always a step ahead in technology and in my search! The good-for-nothing fucker who had claimed to be my friend was telling his brother everything, who was then passing it on to Driscoll himself!

I would have been more than happy to leave the jihadists to blow the fuck out of Sakata. But I had to do my duty.

He'd admitted it. He was going to die, too. But the chance to face Driscoll on the field of battle...well, accidents happen all the time. Unfortunate ones, involving defective IFF systems. Fatal ones.

Olson must have pre-empted me, and was spying on us all. But Yeehin's titbit was equally interesting. Driscoll...The Nirvana Engine...Sakata Industries? All linked? But I had ten angry terrorists bearing down on me, so survival was my main priority.

Natalie wasn't a bad distraction. They'd nigh-crippled my systems, but her stupidity led to her blocking the shots aimed for me. Thanks, bitch.

Keith blasted their leader. The same one who had downed the chopper. Driscoll's unit was showing its age, though. Good at the start of the war, but against the newest weapons less useful.

What was I thinking? I knew Olson was spying on me, and an outburst like that? But it was the closest I'd got to the fucker who killed Karen, and there was still a chance for that little accident to occur. Just not now.

I cooled off quickly, and began planning ways to hurt Sakata. Ways to cause him pain like he'd never felt.

Sure his brother said he'd run away, but my evidence seemed to lead to other conclusions.

What a fucking day.