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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 28: This is the judgement of the righteous, scum! (Part One)

I don't know what RedMagus is really going on about (I presume it's a pop culture reference) so here's the next (admittedly short) update. It's short because this is a filler level.

Things weren't looking good for me.

I'd been before a Commissar, and now Olson was gloating too. I wanted to be back in the fight, killing something before I took it out on my own men. I didn't care who, I just needed something to shoot.

But then we were told where the terrorists were holed up.

It couldn't come soon enough.

But on the way to the hangar, I received yet more bad news.

God fucking Damnit. I can't even command my own men. Why was I being punished? Surely I was fighting for the noblest cause out of the entire fucking army?

They had put out a good showing. But I was going to show them what real combat was. None of this suicide bombing or ambushing, a straight-up fight. And they were going to BURN.

It's when you face detah you reveal your true fear. I now knew Yeehin's. Being alone. All those years with the USN, not knowing if his sister lived, that must have been hell.

But no-one seemed to understand the hell I'd been living in! How it felt to be so close to vengeance yet to have your hands tied!

At night I dreamed of killing Driscoll, killing Sakata, killing Olson. Even killing Natalie, with her perky "Good Morning Lloyd!" and her godawful laugh.

If I had to be alone, then everyone else could be alone.

No-one could love if I couldn't.

My bloodlust, if that's what you want to call it, had been sated. But soon those terrorists would meet justice. The justice of the righteous.

The centre of operations had moved while we'd been away. Soleit had new parts on offer, so we decided to stay there.

But something that terrorist had said was preying on my mind.

"That journalist was right."

That night, only one thing was running through my mind.

How could you, Frederick?