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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 29: This is the judgement of the righteous, scum! (Part Two)

Frederick K. The latest in a long line of betrayals. But this one I could actually act on.

Terrorism. Why did it have to be terrorism?

Something I could get behind with ease.

I would. And I had something spare for traitors like Frederick.

Ahaha, they were pissing themselves at the sight of me! That sort of power doesn't come cheaply.

Well, no-one could say I didn't give him a chance. I blew the fucker apart at the first opportunity, but missed my chance for a gun-cam picture. Rest assured he spent the battle cowering behind a rock, though.

They had set up by a wrecked oil refinery. I'd noticed some kind of experimental, patched together with pieces of scrap and old parts. It fell quickly.

The battle was a massacre. Sakata and JJ fell in the line of duty, but...mistakes happen. What mattered was the bastards who terrorised the ordinary people weren't going to be doing it any more.

Their leader, though? I'd saved him for "special treatment."

I had him against a wall when of all people Frederick barges in, pointing a gun at me. I gave him five seconds to explain himself before I ordered Keith to shoot him.

Sure they weren't. And next thing he'd tell me the incident at the South Pole was caused by the military. I'd had enough, but Yang insisted I let him speak.

Implicating Sakata. Interesting. It was time to see how the two stories correlated.

...a facility...

..they're now...

...go to the...

I'd heard enough. Karen had been on the verge of exposing the OCU's sick underbelly, and had died for it. And now my only hope of getting vengeance was a fucking terrorist? He could live for now, but I wasn't happy with him coming too.

This was going to end soon.

I didn't care who I had to kill, but it was going to end soon.

But Frederick K. wouldn't be there. He was going to languish with Maury behind the lines.

I would never serve with someone who fired on me.

It's a shame I couldn't kill him there and then, but there would have been too many questions.

I was coming for Karen. Soon, we'd be together.

I just needed to get to her before Sakata finished whatever the fuck he was doing.

The smug shit made me sick to see. "Oh my father couldn't possibly do that, he's a shining pillar of society!" Fuck that. He was a monster.

Monsters die.