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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 30: This is the moment! (SUPER SPECIAL VIDEO UPDATE)

What we have here is a pivotal battle. It's one of the decisive ones in the game, so I thought I'd treat it a bit differently. I couldn't think of a good way of writing this, so I just let the game tell the story in a set of videos. There will be three parts, the briefing (up on Dailymotion now), the first half of the action (which I'm working on and will append to this post) and the "boss fight," whose identity I shan't spoil but isn't hard to work out. It's worked for Random Hajile's Shining Force threads, and so I hope it will work for me.

What you'll get is unedited video of the entire mission and all the text around it - real time warfare. I'll probably do this for the final level too, but the normal battles will be kept as narrated screenshots.

There won't be commentary, because I feel this game has a killer soundtrack and the music is quite good at creating a mood. Bear in mind there's no frameskip or savestates, so if I fail, then I'm a bit screwed.

Briefing: / Backup

Taking out the bodyguards: / Backup

Boss and debriefing: / (No Backup)

He got away again. Bastard. But he was damaged, and moving slowly. Easy to track.

We hunted him down.