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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 33: On the Waterfront

It's filler mission time!

Rupidis beckoned, but we couldn't exactly waltz in. Not after we'd started shooting anything that moved.

So we slipped in through the docks.

Not after I'd killed the acting commander of the Western Region Peacekeeping Force in broad daylight and then slaughtered his entire division.

Hiding and skulking around before striking decisively. What a way to fight a war.

But it was fucking effective.

Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan. They were all lessons for the relevant parties.

Shame Sakata hadn't learnt them.

A small Coast Guard force. Nothing heavy.

The first wave wasn't an issue. The alarm had been raised, though, and they had a command unit out. Sakata's tentacles had dug in here, too. Another X-unit.

They took out Paul. The commander had a mortar on his Wanzer which could strike at us from behind buildings.

Had we been too slow?

Dr. Brown. The man who had got us into this mess, in fact. If he hadn't raised my suspicions, I would have carried on fighting the terrorists.

Things were looking up.

Sakata wouldn't ignore an invasion of their base of operations, and then we had the chance to strike.

I hate filler. This level is totally pointless, and could easily be replaced by a longer cutscene.

There's only three or four levels left, and so the LP will probably be finished by the end of the week.

I'll say it now and probably repeat it at the end, but thanks everyone for taking the time to read my writing.