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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 34: Weaving a Story (Part Two) - Natalie's Tale

Hi everyone, it's Natalie Blakewood.

You know what? Clevain can eat a dick.

He fucking sends me out in the vanguard every fucking time we see action, and you've seen for yourself where that gets me.

Sure, he says, it's a shame you keep bailing but at least you're buying us time.

Well Fuck You.

But on the other hand, I can't bear to be without him.

It felt so right, capping Olson like that.

So here I am, hiding in a warehouse with a man I'm not sure if I love or hate, when all of a sudden I find there's half the fucking army waiting outside.

I'm not sure if they want naked pictures or to blow me the fuck up, but I'm not letting them do either.

So here's the deal. We'd holed up in Rupidis to trap Sakata's folks and then shoot them.

Keith and JJ went off on a shopping trip while I tagged along to make sure the cops weren't suspicious.

As we left the mech yards, JJ gave the owner a bit of a questioning.

We got answers. And I got a pretty new wanzer for free!

The men in the bar were probably spies, on the lookout for us. But we had our Top Secret Mission, and we weren't going to let them foil it.


Everyone looked at me then, I couldn't think why.

We were going to fight!

Father was there! I had so much to tell him! Perhaps he'd see I could make my own decisions now!

Oh, Clevain. Your plans were always the best. I just wish they didn't always involve me being the bait.

I thought you liked me.

Olson had somehow survived our little fight. So we killed him again!

Then father blew up the OCU Command Unit! I didn't know what the hell was happening, but it was exciting. It felt good, fighting against the machine.

I don't know why I ever doubted you, Clevain.

Father, you did so much for us. I love you so much, I just never really had the chance to tell you back then.

But we had a lot on our plates.

I love you, father. You helped us, even though it might have cost you your life.

I'd felt awful of late, what with nearly giving the order to kill my best friends.

But knowing we were so close to ending this whole sorry affair, and knowing that no matter what I did Clevain wouldn't abandon me, that made me happy.