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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 35: Am I my Brother's Keeper?

I had more reasons than most to celebrate the ending of this war.

Here's why.

I'd hoped there was some chance of reasoning with my brother and father. Now I'd got proof they'd started the war, I wanted to tell them how I felt. Perhaps they still had a human side.

Perhaps father had. Perhaps those long years of being without mother Rei had made him regret his decision to use her as a test subject.

I wanted to take back everything I'd said about father. This was all Reiji's work! I had known in my heart, I realised, that father, for all his failings, for all that he hated me for my cowardice, had never wanted to cause the suffering he had.

Or perhaps he was just trying to shift the blame now we were pointing guns at him.

The words stuck in my throat.

...All I could do was watch. My brother killed our father to spite me.

Now I knew how Clevain felt when Karen died.

I didn't have time to grieve. There was a Sakata Industries contingent on our tail, and they were ready to kill us all.

Unlike last time, I was actually fighting. I'd seen my father murdered and those bastards were buying time for his killer.

This was had to end.

We'd all lost someone. And my brother was responsible for them all.

Am I my brother's keeper?