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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 37: Peace at last. For everyone.

My memory of what happened on Longrevers Island is not clear.

Sakata wanted to kill his brother after this. He rushed off before I could do anything, leaving us to clean up the guards. He'd torn Reiji's suit open with a single burst, and then all hell broke loose. / Backup

Ryuji...Help me. They... want to kill me. Who? Zaftra. What? This whole thing was orchestrated by Zaftra! You've got to get me out of here! They wanted Sakata Industries to make them a B-Device prototype so they could use the technology to wipe out both the OCU and the USN! You mean... Yes! Ryuji, believe me just this once! You've got to....
Then Reiji Sakata's head exploded. He had an explosive collar.

Just as that happened, the monstrosity at the end of the hall activated itself...

This is what happened.

This is what happened to me! / Backup

Some day I'll see them all again, Karen and I.

We'll fight like we did.


As to the others? They carried on fighting until Zaftra was defeated.

I got ill after a while, though. Now I'm in hospital, and Karen is with me. I took her from my suit and she sits on my table, a picture of her face smiling at me every morning when I wake up.

Sometimes I dream about the day she died, and I'll wake up screaming.

People come to talk to me about what happened, from time to time.

I tell them everything, like I told you.

Will you believe me? Few do...


I'm sorry Doctor, I didn't catch how long he'd been like that.

Since the explosion... I'd take anything he says about what happened afterwards with some scepticism, he wasn't right at all when we found him.