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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 6: A new lead!

I know it's a double post, but here's the next exciting update:

A new town meant a shopping spree. Lucky me. I had to forcibly claw Natalie away from the metallic paint range.

The only things worth noting, I recall, were that Keith gained wheels for his wanzer and Frederick set up some ECM. Flare grenades, for disorienting enemies. A nice plan.

One of the drunks had an issue with my uniform. Unpatriotic little shit.

Natalie tried to break it up before I'd even given him a piece of my mind.

But without JJ for support, even I wasn't going to get in a fight with a guy like that.

Olson praised us then told us to fuck off. No work for now.

Stupid girl thought I'm too naive to recognise flirting. Even if I was looking for female company, I'd prefer someone who wasn't clinically retarded.

Like this girl. She met me at the arena.

And she knew me. Momentarily I thought she may have been an ex from college.

But she knew Karen.

I didn't let her finish. If there was a chance my Karen was alive, I would kill anyone in my way to get to her.

When she said this I nearly strangled her.

I was going to have to fight her? She was insane.

After beating her resoundingly (three shots, if I recall), she asked to become another hanger-on. Why not. She could keep Frederick and Natalie company in the vanguard while I stayed back.

Her suit was a mirror image of Sakata's. We needed more heavy ACs.

As we set off for the hospital, the others arrived. No coincidence, I realise now.

Sakata had a terrible crush on the new girl, that was obvious.

Natalie tried to discipline us, but it's easy to ignore irritating voices like hers.

And when we got there, all hell had broken loose.

To be continued... Sorry about the but this would have been a ludicrous update if I'd have done the whole mission and end cutscene. The rest will arrive (hopefully) tomorrow.