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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 8: We push for the front, and fail.

The team assembled. I'd had to rough up a few scrubs in the arena to pay for the refits, though. Grey Rock prices are at least $100 more than anywhere else.

As to Yang? She had taken compassionate leave to see her informant. So I followed her.

For a decker, he was observant.

And if he knew Yang, he knew Karen.


The bad news came when we returned to base. Peewee was going to become our dedicated driver. Perhaps this was our punishment for fucking up at Grey Rock.

Our mission was to wipe out a small AA installation on the approach to the front lines, so an wing of A-11s could destroy an enemy base. Sounded easy.

Sakata had to explain to Natalie what a suprise attack meant, though.

Keith really regretted choosing a hulking slow suit.

The battle was surprisingly fierce. Almost like they knew we were coming.

Yang's missing the shopping spree meant she was woefully unprepared for the USN forces.

But I'd acquired another Egret Tactical Missile tube.

Sakata's flamer went up, but he ejected in time.

Yang was pecked apart by machine guns.

Frederick took down three wanzers with one arm destroyed.

Long story short, there was still a SAM active when the airstrike came.

We smoked it seconds later.

But Olson was not pleased. I returned to see this on my desk:

Commander Yui Kodo, 2nd Air Wing, Huffman Island Air Defence Force posted:

Dear Mrs. Hunt,

I regret to inform you that your husband, Luke Hunt, was killed in the service of his nation. His aeroplane was attacked by a ground installation to the northeast of Grey Rock. His body has not been found.

Your husband's effects will be posted to you and a memorial service will be held on the 29th June at Menasa AFB.

There was a handwritten note underneath that.

Yui Kodo posted:

Hunt was a fine pilot. He should have lived.

What a day. And no sooner had we got back, there were orders waiting to advance northeast to exploit the breach in the enemy lines the Air Force had opened.

Anyone who's played this game will know the next level is one of the most evil going. You'll see why in the next update.