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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 9: Smashing Hell's Wall down.

Update time!

The looks from the other soldiers really got to you, as if the failure was your fault alone. Perhaps it was. But try explaining it. They didn't understand that you can't ignore the enemy, you have to make sure you're safe before you can waste shots on the soft targets.


On the other hand, Yang had done some shopping while Olson lectured us. The Czarina was now a real fighting force.

The drunk from Menasa had followed us. Asked if I wanted another pilot.

Some people never learn.

His kit wasn't half bad, though. Looked strange as fuck but was fast and hit hard.

Those were the 75th Blue Lancers, one hell of a renowned wing. Sniped one by one.

Stating the obvious. Red wanzers stand out on a green field.

I was supposed to be scared.

Elite my arse. That's just an excuse to have a fucking bright red wanzer.

Pathetic? Last time I checked I weighed less than my suit, dickweed.

The blob was the first to die. Roasted like a hog. Couldn't confirm if he ejected, but I hope he didn't. That Alder is a damned good shot.

They took Sakata as payment, though.

Then Natalie.

But Keith put an end to that one.

Frederick put a bullet between another's eyes.

And then the rest of them were rolled up like dominoes.

Alder was really quite practical. He had promised to be my bodyguard, so I had to respect him.

This was my pilot sheet for the day after the attack. I'd salvaged a targeting unit from one of those elite missilers which allowed me to snipe limbs at long range. I got Hans, the decker Yang knew, to fix it up for me.

Well, that didn't look bad, did it? But it can be. All of the red units have the same hull, the defensive-type wanzer one tech level above yours. So they can absorb vast numbers of shots and punch really really hard. Add to that there's two sniper-types (two rifles) and two missilers (with launchers comparable with Paul's PIZ8) escorted by a metric fuckton of normal missilers and you've got a recipe for disaster if they target your main character.