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Part 2: Chapter 2: Glorious Violence

Ben is pissed at being knocked out and thrown in a dumpster. His rage shall be our entertainment! But first, some explanations.

I hope you recognize this. You bring it up by holding the left mouse button down on an object. It lets us interact with things. Our choices are: Hands(take/punch), Foot(kick), and the eyes and mouth of the skull, used for eye and mouth things.

You can also look at the sign, which says:

Do not play in or around dumpster. Do not kick dumpster. Do not sleep in dumpster. Usage of this container for disposal of human remains may be a violation of local health ordinances.

Let's see what happens if we use our mouth!

Ben is a wuss and does not want to lick a dumpster.

Ben is bad enough to care about the environment. Moving to the front of the bar...

Good thing for him...

I don't like that.

The obvious place to look is the bar.

Strangely, the door is locked. Luckily, Ben is not a key-searching kind of guy.

Using the foot option, we kick the door down.

Barkeeper: Look, I don't want no trouble. Just leave me out of this mess.

Let's look at the fancy televisions!

We decide to engage the barkeep in a little chat.

Barkeeper: Yeah, your gang took off with those... those well-dressed gentlemen. So,

What'll it be, Mac?

Ben: Where'd everybody head off to?

Bar: What am I, the cruise director? Maybe they're up on the lido deck. Heh heh.

Ben: I think you're in on this whole bum deal.

Bar: Yeah, well whaddaya gonna do about it?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Ben: I wanna know who knocked me out.

Bar: Maybe you just passed out. You should learn to handle your liquor.

Ben: I'm looking for my keys.

Bar: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ben: I've never liked noserings.

Bar: Me neither, but someone dared me.

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Anyway, It's time for the good part.

Ben: The bar.

Just in case you didn't notice. So far we have encountered three obstacles in our adventure.

1- Being stuck in a dumpster
2- A locked door
3- An uncooperative person

We have solved them with.

1- punching
2- kicking
3- general violence and intimidation.

Are you starting to see what makes this game great yet?

Bar: All right! All right! I got your keys, but I don't know nothin'. They had guns!

They told me to stall you as long as possible.

Ben: Why?

Bar: I don't know! I don't know! I overheard them say something about an ambush up the


Ben: What else?

Bar: Nothing! Nothing!

Bar: Someone did say something about killing you and making it look like an accident.

Ben: They didn't do too good of a job there. But why ambush the Polecats? I'd better get moving.

With those keys, we can RIDE!

Ben is on his way, but runs into a rival biker! Will he be able to fight his way out?

Yeah, I'd say so.

Ben: Yeah, and you're in my way.

Rottwheeler: Well, get used to it, Bud. When the Rottwheelers hit the road, we own it.

B: Look, I'm serious. Someonw's ambushing the Polecats--

R: SOMEONE'S AMBUSHING THE POLECATS!?! Oh HEAVENS! What ever will we do? Ha ha ha!

Time for the first biker-battle! Click here to watch this exciting fight scene.

Wheelies are cool.

That isn't so cool.

Mild discomfort.

Next time: Meeting some new friends.

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