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Part 4: The Fetching of Various Things

First, we head back into Mo's and grab this hose because I forgot it in the last update.

Now we head to the gas tower. The sign says that the top of the fence is electrified and the door is too heavy to kick down this time. Luckily, we picked up a secet weapon at Todd's. A lockpick!

We also take the lock, because the concept of stealing a padlock is hilarious to me. And you need it, naturally.

Touching the ladder sets off an alarm, but we climb it anyway because we have little or no respect for loud noises.

Police: I'm talkin' to you, boy! You are trespassin' on private property! Remain still and we will not shoot you.

Long story short: They lied, so we run for our lives.

The Fuzz: I get to say "FIRE" before you do that, Floyd.

Floyd: Sorry, boss. I got excited.

Change of plans. This time we trigger the alarm and hide. You can just see a bit of Ben poking out behind those containers to the left of the curser.

Five-O: Hey! Where is he?

Floyd: I told you, I nailed him last time!

O: Then who set off the alarm, Floyd?

F: Maybe somebody's just foolin' with us.

O: Naw, it's him. It's that guy you keep missing.

F: Well if you could hold this thing still while I'm shootin'...

They land.

Po-Po: Nah, we woulda seen him runnin' from the air. He must be hiding up in the tower!

F: We got 'em treed!

P: Let's go up and get 'em!

Anyway, while they mess around up there, I'm going to siphon gas from their tank.

Right, you need a hose for that.

Floyd: Let's call it quits, huh boss?

Boss: No... Let's call in reinforcements!

Mo: Oh, good. You get this from the gas tower?

Ben: Not exactly.

Two down: We're off to the junkyard.

Open up, Todd! Oh yeah, I knocked him out.

That chain opens the door.


By using that lock from the gas tower on the door...

We lock the chain in place so that it can be climbed.

Right on top!

Click here for the video.

After all that fun fun fun, we head to the right where the dog went.

TV says dogs are rendered harmless by meat. It's like the paper to their rock. You have a short window here to throw the meat into a car before the dog notices you.

After that, you can go back to the wall and walk right to the big crane. The hardest part of this puzzle is knowing that the crane is even there.

All we need to do is lift the car with the dog in it, but that's no fun.

Sadly, this is as high as you can stack. The blue car I've got the magnet holding now is the one with the dog in it, by the way. All we need to do now is go back and grab the forks.

Mo: Nice forks! Where'd you find them?

Ben: Right next to the knives and spoons.

M: Well, that's it! Wait outside for a minute and I'll finish 'er up. I'm working on a surprise.


B: I hate surprises.

M: All right, here she comes!

Ben: You're amazing! I should crash that thing every day! So, what's the surprise?

Mo: Oh... just your average, everyday, pre-regulation, destroyer-class, solid-fuel recoil booster.

B: You're serious.

M: Yes.

B: But only the Vultures...

M: I have my connections. Now, are you gonna try this thing out or not?

Ben: I wish I had some way of paying you back.

Mo: Just beat it, will ya? You're scaring away my regular customers. Send me a postcard from the ambush!

Basically, Ben's Bike's been made better.

Anyway, we are well on our way to the amb-

Ah. Right.

Boss: He's a sneaky one.

Floyd: This time, he ain't gettin' past us!

B: See him?

F: Nope.

B: Keep lookin'.

Ben rides back into Melonweed.

No use going back to Mo. Looks we need a wacky scheme to get out of here.

Next: Plot, mostly.

The music when you climb into the junkyard is pretty neat. Wanna see and hear it? Try this video.