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Part 5: The Ambush

When we last left off, our hero needed some way of getting past a police roadblock.

Triggering the alarm again does the trick.

Boss: He's got a lotta nerve, that piece of trash!

Floyd: Let's get him.

B: All units follow me.



Polecat: Ben! How'd you get behind us?

Ben: Where are the suits?

P: Corley's making a pit stop. He has a bladder the size of a thimble, man...

B: Ripburger?

P: Haven't seen him in a while. Ben, man, what's the deal? Did you find something up the road? Are we headed for trouble?

B: No. We're in it.

Corley sings:

Put my head in a basket
'Cause I'd had a tank full
When she blew my gasket
I surely was thankful
'Til I head for the skies up above;
It's a woman with wheels that I love.

Miranda: I got ya. Now, do something incriminating, like ambush somebody!

...A-ha! The plot thickens!

Ripburger: You shouldn't have laughed at me in those board meetings, Malcolm!

Miranda: What a psycho!

Big Henchman: Hey, look what I found in the bushes!

Ripburger: What is what?

Miranda: It's a choke hold. Come here and I'll demonstrate!

R: It's got a camera!

Miranda gets free and runs off.

Ripburger: No! Nestor will take care of her.

That guy couldn't take care of ANYTHING without Howard.

R: You have an important engagement with the rest of the Corley family.

Bolus: Right!

R: But don't forget to destroy that camera!

B: Yeah, yeah!

R: Now then, about one for the road?

Ben: Corley?

Ripburger flees the scene as Ben comes from around the corner.

Corley: --cough-- I guess Ripburger couldn't wait for natural causes. Just like him to hit a man when his fly's down. Heh, heh. --cough--

Ben: Ripburger did this to you?

C: Yeah, he knew I was dying... and he knew that my will would put him out of a job. He wants to take over Corley Motors, Ben! Sell it off to foreigners, lay off workers, start making minivans. You understand me? MINIVANS-- unhhh!

You gotta hurt him for me, Ben Promise me you'll hurt him bad!

B: I promise.

C: --cough-- I want my daughter to take over the company.

B: You have a daughter?

C: Yeah, and she's a real mechanical genius, Ben! Rebuilt her first carburetor when she was four! I used to call her the Diapered Dynamo--



Mo doesn't seem to need help.

I just hope Maureen can handle herself until I get there.

She can.

But why'd he bring a camera? Who does this guy work for? ...CORLEY MOTORS?!?

Seeing an approaching limo, Mo escapes into the night.

Nestor: I don't know, Rip, but I think that pile is Bolus.

Ripburger: *sigh* Yes, now I remember... YOU'RE the smart one, aren't you?

Maybe I beat them here.

No Mo. Let's check the rubble outside.

She said she went there whenever she needed to get away for a while. That's pretty much my only lead right now.

Stay closed, damn you.
Anyway, trying to head back to the crime scene...

They'll be coming this way soon. I gotta get a plan, fast!

So the only way to go is forward. Or rather, backwards.

Back to the kickstand. Heading around to the back to see our old friend Mr. Dumpster.

Oh hey, another old friend, what are the chances?

Ben: You know, it stank in there, but I can't remember a better sleep.

Miranda: You gotta help me! Go find my editor in Corville, tell him I took pictures of the Corley murder.

B: You got pictures!?

M: Yeah, but some thug took my camera!

B: So... you DON'T have any pictures.

M: Well, I tracked the guy to Melonweed... But I'm not going near the place! They'd kill me! Get my editor! He's got to get me out of this! Take one of these fake IDs to get through the roadblocks. My career is riding on those pictures! Help me, Ben, You're my only hope!

B: Oh, don't worry. I owe you one!

The next logical step is to kick the dumpster.

Next: On the run. Oh, and a hidden minigame.