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Part 9: The Villain Exposed

Ben: I AM a diversion.

Suzi: No offense, but we need a bigger one! The bike is guarded!

B: Who cares about the bike!?

S: Mo says it's important, so we're not leaving without it!

B: All right, Ill see what I can do, but I'm burning at both ends here!

Flames! Wonderful flames!

Announcer: Well, folks... it looks like the party's getting a little out of hand. The stadium seems to be catching fire, but let's all remain calm and---

A: Derby's over! Run for your lives!

These guys get their car working again.

Ripburger: Finally! Now, squish that firefly while he's hot!

They chase Ben to the top of the brown car. All you gotta do is jump to their car while they're ramming the brown one, then wait for them to go down a bit and run into the fire. They follow.

Ripburger: What happened? Did you get him?

Nestor: We finally got him, Bolus! That means Ripburger has to make us vice-presidents now, like he promised! And give us ten thousand shares of stock each!
Hmmm... funny smell. What's that? The tempurature light?

Ripburger: Well... on the bright side, I just made twenty thousand shares of stock. Time to start the shareholders' meeting!

Back at Vulture HQ...

Ben: Where's the hardtail?

Ben: What? What happened to your deep, sentimental attatchment to your father's vintage bike?

Mo: Ben, it's just a bike! I can put it back together in about half an hour. That's assuming, of course, I can find that key.

B: What key are you talking about?

M: The key to my dad's safe. I remember he hid it somewhere on this bike... but I've looked everywhere and I can't find anything that even looks like a key!

B: What's in the safe that's so important?

M: My dad's will! I'm counting on him to tell the truth about me finally.

B: Why did he keep you a secret all these years?

M: He didn't want people to find out about my mom.

B: What's so bad about Mrs. Corley?

M: She wasn't my mom.

B: Ah. But how are we going to get in the factory?

M: In the back of the factory, there's a secret entrance that leads straight into Dad's office. He used to sneak me in so I could help him with his bike designs.

B: When he got too old to do all the work himself?

M: No, this is back when I was six.

B: How do I find the secret passage?

M: Well, it's tricky. You have to wait for all the utility meters to turn black... then you kick the wall in just the right spot, and you're in!

B: How do I find the right spot to kick?

M: Dad just knew exactly where to kick it. But I remember there was this big crack in the wall, and if I lined up that crack with my eye level and kicked the wall right in front of me, this weird portal would open.

B: What are we in, anyway?

M: It's a C330 'Big Mouth' Industrial Cargo Jumbo Transport we fixed up. We want to get it rolling so we can take it to biker rallies.

B: You're going to try to fly this thing?

M: Rolling, Ben. Rolling. This baby's flying days are over, just like mine.

B: How was your flight?

M: Well, there were some explosions during takeoff, and I landed in a mine field, but other than that, it was fine.

B: I'm fine, by the way. Thanks for asking.

M: Uh-huh. Great, now help me find that key.

B: Remember that time you tried to kill me?

M: Yeah, we really TAUT you a lesson! Hee hee. *snort*

The key is obviously going to be a number or something instead of an actual key.

You can flip open some compartments and find some numbers. I wrote them down for safe-keeping, but there isn't any way to know which one is right at first to my knowledge.

As we go, Mo hands Ben the pictures of her father's murder and says to show them to someone important if you get the chance.

Headin' to the back of the building.

Those green things are the meters. Timing it so that they are all black is easy. Finding the right spot is not so easy. I have made an image that simulates anyone's first time trying to solve this puzzle.

This is the right spot. The little rock is actually a button. I've just saved you a lot of pain if you play this for yourself.

Sweet. Descriptions:

Desk: Very austere. No drawers.

Painting: Now that's art.

Window: Look at that stadium burn! THAT's gonna take a bite out of the pension fund.

You might have a hard time seeing it at first, but a bit below and right of the desk is a floor-safe.

A six-digit code with only numbers eliminates all but one of our possible codes.


And a tape! I sure hope that's Corley's will.

Into the hall.

The far door is locked. The door closest to Ben needs a keycard. We have one, but let's try the middle door anyhow.

Ripburger:...was not only an inspirational leader, but also a great personal friend. His loss affects us all deeply. Malcolm and I spoke often of the future.

R: And, although his tragic death took him from us sooner than anyone expected... Malcolm Corley's dream remains, and I shall carry out that dream in his memory. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you the future of Corley Motors...

Ben: Ack. Corley was right! I never dreamed it would actually come to MINIVANS, though!

"Mavis" is voiced by Nick Jameson, who also does a couple of the bikers we beat up earlier. Of course, the hilarious part is the fact that it's a man.

Mavis: How long have you been there? Oh, security! Help! SECURITY!
What took ya so long? He ran down the hallway! Move it!

Ben hides in the secret passage.
This time it's the keycard door for us.

Those switches control the motor and lights for this slideshow. Sabotage is the "in" thing to do, so we turn the motor down and the lights up.

Ripburger: This is a disaster!

Mavis: You're telling me! We're going to have some major down-time here... Why don't you tell a joke or something.

R: I don't know any jokes! *turns back to the audience* You know, this reminds me of an amusing anecdote about a...uh...a, uh...

Back in the projector room:

M: Well, I'm out of ideas!

Now we have access to the room she was in before.

We have the tape and pictures, as well as the means to set them up. Now we show the shareholders the real murderer.

Mo: Come over here, Ben.

Mo: (We're finally where we were meant to be all along!)

Next: The endgame.