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Part 7: Gabriel Knight vs. Evenings

Chapter 7: Gabriel Knight vs. Evenings

After a couple parting jabs, Gabriel decides to get the hell out of there. It's getting late.

Plus that part where he stole privileged information and got away with it is a pretty solid motivator.

On the way out he spots something interesting.

Or certain morally-fluid friends of detectives.

Well, nothing to be done about it.

Once he's back safe in his own shop, Gabriel takes off his coat for the first time in about twelve hours.

Yep, it smells real manly in here now.

Before Gabriel makes it ten steps in the door, one of the greatest characters in the game happens by.

This is Bruno (Jeff Bennett again), an artificial construct of every gay stereotype known to man. His every step is like it's taken on a tightrope, his fashion sense involves combo lavender undershirt and bright yellow shorts, his voice sounds about two octaves too high, and he seems to have hurt his wrist by the way he's holding it.

Grace is not exactly thrilled by his appearance.

It's never made clear whether Bruno's disdain of the shop is because he hates Gabriel, because he hates books, or because he only buys things that are brand new or unique.

Oh yes, and he owns a flower shop, just in case you didn't catch his sexual identity at first glance.

Gabriel's very protective of his crappy makeshift business.

Bruno, not listening, minces his way to the desk.

That's right -- thousands of books of varying rarity, and Bruno's interested in the horrific painting of snakes crawling through a worn human skull. Nice.

There are a couple ways to say no to Bruno. You can actually get more hostile than this.

And by "one," he means "you." He can be as rude as he feels like.

And with that pointed barb, he sashays the hell out of there.

"Maybe I should've just sold him the damn thing. Not like we did shit for business today."

Gabriel puts it out of his mind. Bruno seems to stop by every few days, and making him happy is the last thing Gabriel wants at the moment. There are more important matters at hand.

The "Request Research" option is available right from the start, but for most of the day Gabriel doesn't have anything to ask.

But now we've got a beautiful rich woman to snoop on! Hooray.

"Phone number, measurements ... whatever you can find."

I love that Grace blindly goes along with Gabriel's schemes even though she knows how badly they all end.

With that out of the way, we've finally accomplished everything we need to in Day 1.

Grace gathers up her things, and with a dramatic toss of her coat, she is out for the evening, as are we.

We cut back to the street view as Grace heads off to oil painting or Tai Chi or something.

That night, Gabriel begins to dream again.

This dream is just like the one we saw before.

Hell, it's exactly the same video file. Still, it's pretty neat even the second time around.

And it's still really creepy.

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