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Part 9: Gabriel Knight vs. Voodoo Lore

Chapter 9: Gabriel Knight vs. Voodoo Lore

Gabriel decides that now is as good a time as any to revisit the Historical Voodoo Museum, meet its owner and learn a little something about this Voodoo stuff.

Dr. John (Michael Dorn of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame*) stands a full head taller than Gabriel. He's one of the more enigmatic figures of the game. Although he has quite a lot to say about the local history of Voodoo (as you're about to see), he keeps most details of his personal life from Gabriel's prying ears.

Before he gets the chance to ask any questions, Gabriel spots a little coffin by the door that I forgot to click on last time surely wasn't there before.

"I've been here less than a minute and he's already judgin' me. Great."

That doesn't really answer anything, but okay. Gabriel shuts the teensy coffin and gets back to business.

And so it begins. Dr. John has a lot of info about Voodoo for us, and though I haven't gone through and fact-checked everything, pretty much everything he says in this update that I've looked up checks out. I could've just titled it "Jane Jensen Likes To Do Research." Some interesting stuff here.

Since this is bound to get awkward anyway, might as well just bust this on out.

What he says certainly makes sense, but there's some circular logic involved. The police claim the Voodoo is fake because the experts say so. The expert claims the Voodoo is fake because the police said so.

"Fair enough."

New personal topics: "Historical Voodoo" and "Current Voodoo."

Assuming that the killings really are unrelated, it might be a better idea to get a grasp on the history of Voodoo for the book. No matter how this all turns out, Gabriel's pretty sure his killers are the real thing; best to make up as little as possible. I certainly don't have anything to add to most of this, so take it away, Dr. John!

Lake Pontchartrain being, of course, the site of the most recent murder.

New global topic: "Marie Laveau." Remember, it was the Laveau tomb that we stumbled upon in the cemetery.

I really need to look up more on the Marie Laveaus. The game gives a good outline, but skimps on the details for obvious reasons.

New personal topic: "Hoodoo." We'll get there soon.

Based on the little that plays here, I'm pretty sure this unlocks the cemetery if you haven't talked with Gran yet. I don't really feel like replaying all of Day 1 just to test that theory, though.

Well, it's still more than we've gotten from anyone else.

That seems to be generalizing it a bit, but all right.

Gabriel seems to take this advice to heart. Hoodoo is never explored anywhere near as thoroughly as Voodoo in this game.

History class is dismissed! There's still a couple things left to ask Dr. John, but for now we've hit a break in Jane Jensen's research notes.

"Magentia Moonbeam"? Seriously?

"This should be 'wonderful.'"

That's all Gabriel can think of to ask, so he decides to show Dr. John a few scattered things he's come across over the last day. First, he offers the partial patterns found around the bodies.

No go.

Next he shows the marks he copied off Laveau's tomb.

Huh. He has said he shows people around the cemetery, but still ... interesting.

Finally, briefly abandoning all common sense, he shows Dr. John the photo of the victim.


Dr. John gets right up in Gabriel's face, furious as hell. This proves the "if his manner weren't so pleasant" theory.

After this, Dr. John cools down a little, but Gabriel can tell the man is still very angry. There's just one last thing...

Gabriel learned quite a bit about Dr. John today ... and Dr. John learned a lot about Gabriel as well.

Next time:

For God's sake, it's not that hard. Chapter 10: Gabriel Knight vs. Magentia Moonbeam!

16. Tell me about yourself, Dr. John. (Dailymotion) (Youtube)

*he was also I.M. Weasel and Coldstone