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Part 14: Gabriel Knight vs. Interrogations

Chapter 14: Gabriel Knight vs. Interrogations

Fresh off his latest rejection, Gabriel takes a moment to catch up with some of his relatives.

On his way out, he notices kindly Mr. Gervais -- still raking -- and asks him about something that's come up in the last day.

Plus her tomb is like ten feet away.

Weird. Dr. John had mentioned he runs tours through the cemetery, but showing up every day is a little excessive. Dude needs a less creepy hobby.

"Yeah, got it. Thanks."

Toussaint doesn't really have anything else of interest. Gabriel decides to stew on that for a while and heads out to the police station to meet his fate. If he's gonna get arrested, it might as well be Mosely that does it.

As soon as Gabriel enters the office, Mosely rushes to the door, raging.

Mosely takes a deep breath and calms down quickly. I guess it's an admirable quality in a cop.

Crash (Chris Lytton, who has done absolutely nothing else I've ever heard of and is apparently now producing one-TV-star movies with names like "Murder World") sits crumpled in the chair. He looks like he's about to cry.

Mosely assumes his position and Gabriel stands off to the side. The music changes to something a little more intense. Let the interrogation begin!

Apparently "Detective's instinct" means "this guy is scared out of his fucking mind." Which really doesn't tell us if he knows anything or not.

At that, Crash loses his shit and starts yelling.

Geez, maybe he wasn't just dealing the coke.

Crash flips out again, this time pleading a little more in Gabriel's direction.

At this point Crash gets a little contemplative, muttering to himself. He's scared of something, and he might know more, but we're not getting anything else out of him today.

Without a word, Tony pushes him out the door to the detaining area.

He's pretty much the only lead they've got, too. He won't say anything to the police, but maybe tomorrow he'd be willing to talk to an intrepid writer/PI?

Now that the excitement is over, they return to their usual spots around Mosely's desk. Mosely mentioned something about the victims being part of the underworld; let's learn more.

Nothin'. Ah well.

Gotta run -- tons of stuff to do today. Plus it'd be nice to spend at least one day without stealing from the cops.

Gabriel stops by Jackson Square to see if the artist finished the reconstruction. Gabriel finds him at the same spot as before.

The artist pulls the finished picture out of his portfolio.

"No promises."

We've got a couple concentric circles, some triangles and some squiggles. It's cool, but not much to go on; we'll have to ask an expert. Maybe one a little more forthcoming than Dr. John.

For the moment, Gabriel is distracted by a fortunetelling booth off in the other corner of the park.

Madame Lorelei seems to run a profitable business. Her snake rests lazily on her shoulders.

Before Gabriel gets a chance to talk to her, she calls for some dance music from the nearby band and sets her snake inside the booth.

The band begins playing a jauntier version of the St. George's Books background music.

Lorelei's dance is more active than Moonbeam's was, but it's not particularly inspired. She flits frantically around in a circle with her arms outstretched, waiting for some dapper gentleman to engage her.

This is a role Gabriel is only too happy to fill.

She starts dancing a little more vigorously -- grinding, really -- and drapes her red veil sensually around Gabriel's neck.

She lets the red veil drop to the ground and flaps a blue one around, eventually letting that drop as well.

She finishes her dance, picks up the blue veil and wanders back to her booth. The red veil has apparently been long forgotten.

Gabriel decides to check it out.

Where does he keep getting these wooden surfaces to put the scales on? Anyways, this snake is clearly not our offender.

Gabriel walks to Madame Lorelei and hands back her veil.

I may have a couple theories.

Gabriel chuckles to himself a little. This is completely silly, but he has been hitting targets kind of at random. Maybe it'll give him some ideas.

Okay, probably not.

Suddenly, Lorelei bolts upright.

Her voice deepens for a moment, then she leaps to her feet, terrified.

Gabriel stares as she tears out of the park.

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