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Part 19: Gabriel Knight vs. Detective Mosely

Chapter 19: Gabriel Knight vs. Detective Mosely

Shortly before dawn, Malia silently slips out of the bookstore and disappears into the streets. Soon after, the local morning routine begins again.




"Wait for it..."

"Any second now..."

Gabriel had all kinds of snappy comebacks ready, but it looks like Grace isn't playing today. To business, then.

Grace pulls out a small piece of paper, the hard-won proof of her labors.

Damn. How late is that library even open? Grace really outdid herself this time.

"Just gonna check the newspaper real quick and--AGH!"

Was ... was that guy there this whole time?

Well that's just fucking rude. And completely weird.

Hmph. Gabriel ignores the guy for now and checks out the newspaper clipping Grace found.

Fantastic. This is gonna blow Mosely's poor little mind. Gabriel picks up today's news and his good mood quickly evaporates.

Give Grace a break, she was up all night. Of course, so was Gabriel, but Grace was probably enjoying it less.

"CASE CLOSED, THEY ALL WENT HOME!" Gabriel's right; that's absurd. Looks like the first stop today is the NOPD, to try and talk some sense into Mosely.

Instead of trying to explain the situation, Gabriel takes the second-grader approach and completely ditches the line of conversation.

These horoscopes are starting to get kinda morbid.

Well, Gabriel's come across some interesting info over the last couple days. Let's see if Grace can shine some light on it. She's starting to prove frighteningly useful.

I guess that did sound a little portentous.

A little too late to be coy on that front, Gabriel.

Gabriel leaves Grace alone to work on the books -- or possibly take a nap. He shoots a nasty look at the dude by the window on his way out.

Gabriel arrives at the police station, finding Officer Frick in a slightly pissier mood than usual. Probably best if Gabriel announces his presence before charging behind the desk.

Poor Frick, doomed to a fate where he has to go get beignets his own damn self. Someone must have buried a gris gris under his porch.

With the path cleared, Gabriel enters Mosely's file dungeon.

They were nowhere near solving the damn thing yesterday. This should be good.

Oh, okay. They murdered seven people but now they went home so it's all cool. There's just one problem.

This gives me tons of confidence in the NOPD. It's okay, they're just killing criminals; there's no way this will escalate.

Screw that; this is the case that's really gotten Gabriel's attention, and at this rate it's looking like he'll have to solve it himself. It'd be a lot easier with Mosely's help, though.

...that we know of.

Whoa, damn. He means business. That's a really tall order for an amateur horror writer. Gabriel's gonna have to start taking all this a little more seriously.

(This is split apart into separate dialogue screens so that you can check your progress once you've accomplished any of these tasks.)

Gabriel considers showing Mosely the newspaper clipping, but decides instead to hold onto it for now. It'd be better to lay out all the evidence at once.

Sam said he'd try to have that snake bracelet molded today. Odds are pretty damn good he's at the bar; let's see if he's done yet.

Sam hands over a remarkably accurate replica of Cazaunoux's heirloom.

Awesome! If anyone needs to get away for a while, it's this guy.

Yes, this is why you were stuck in a bar losing at chess every day for 20 years. Luck.

Still, shouldn't be too hard on the poor sap. The bracelet came out great. Not too terribly useful by itself, but maybe someone else can tell us more about it.

With Sam leaving, and Stonewall knowing exactly jack shit about the case, there's nobody of interest left in the bar. Gabriel leaves, not expecting to come back anytime soon.

Feeling somewhat emboldened by his newfound importance to the case, not to mention his rockin' evening with the woman of his dreams, Gabriel decides to visit the Voodoo Museum once again to see if he can coax some more current info out of Dr. John.

Dr. John remains as stoic as ever. It's hard to tell if he means it or not.

He goes along with the chitchat, but it never seems like he cares much for it.

This is gonna be awkward. Hopefully Dr. John won't get up in Gabriel's face again.

Looks like he's not gonna crack on this one. Gabriel's not quite done, though; he pulls out the completed vévé.

Dr. John takes one look at it and snaps upright.

He's back in cool, emotionless mode now. It was quick, but ... Gabriel's sure that was a spark of recognition.

Gabriel starts taking another serious look around the shop ... and starts recognizing things.

Gabriel's starting to think that Dr. John knows a lot more than he's letting on. We just might have our lead. Suddenly feeling very unsafe, he decides it's time to go.

No worries there.

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