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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

by flamedrake

Part 26: .1

Chapter 24.1: This Is The Worst Consolation Prize

When you reach the Voodoo conclave site, you'll find the second death spot in the game. There are several different ways to reach your unfortunate demise, but the end result is the same.

The first and most obvious method is to wander into the camp without putting on your disguise at all.

Good job, Gabriel, you blend right in.

Dr. John takes Gabriel by the throat and forces him to the ground.

Nobody around the circle helps because they seriously do not give a fuck.

Another way to reach death by strangulation is showing up without the chest tattoo.

Dr. John rips the mask off.

But what if you've done everything right, but somehow don't know the answers to the trivia questions?

Well, then either you are dumb or you're fishing for deaths.

Both questions have a pile of responses for you to choose from if you seriously didn't listen to a word Hartridge said. The dialogue is very slightly different between them, but the end result is identical.

So long, Gabriel. It was fun while it lasted.

Here's the menu you get to choose from after you've died. You get an interesting message if you choose to quit:

48. And Gabriel thought the mask made it hard to breathe. (Dailymotion) (Youtube)