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Part 29: Gabriel Knight vs. Schloss Ritter

Chapter 27: Gabriel Knight vs. Schloss Ritter

The chapel of Schloss Ritter looms oppressively around Gabriel, flanking him with what Gerde claims are the steps to becoming a Schattenjäger. It'd help if Wolfgang was around to explain the ins and outs, but after checking out the panels, Gabriel decides he should be able to make do.

Plus, there's not much chance of stumbling across any dead guys.

Near as Gabriel can tell, the panels run clockwise around the room. If he's reading the first panel right, he needs to wash his hands. Given that he hasn't seen any evidence of running water since he got here, that's easier said than done. There is plenty of snow, but no way is he going outside in this weather.

After a moment, he decides on a compromise and heads to Wolfgang's bedroom window.

His task complete, he hurriedly shuts the window. It's way too damn cold for someone straight out of Louisiana.

The second panel seemed to imply a haircut. Ugh.

At least there are tools here so he can't do too much damage.

Gabriel puts the scissors back, grumbling to himself. It takes a lot of effort to keep his hair just that right level of controlled messiness.

For the third panel, Gabriel needs some sort of chalice. No chalices in immediate view, but...

If he's gonna have to ruin something to do this ceremony, might as well be this.

Gabriel thoroughly inspects the chamberpot to make sure it's clean before he starts carrying it with him.

On his way back to the chapel, he stops to chat with Gerde.

The weather's been unusually muggy in New Orlenas, too. Gabriel's starting to think this is related to the cult; they're probably stepping up their game.

Gerde resumes her potato-peelin' as Gabriel returns to the chapel.

Gabriel admires his handiwork, but something doesn't seem quite right. He checks the panel again and realizes that the waves the chalice is sitting in might be important. Maybe it needs some salt water.

But ... the chamberpot's already there. Moving it to get some water is much more effort than he's willing to put into this right now. There might be some salt nearby, though.

Now that he has the salt in there, he feels even less like going to get some water. He puts it out of his mind and checks the rest of the panels.

These look much better. Drawing blood is totally manly. If he's not mistaken, he saw a knife in the entrance hall that will do just nicely for this.

Gabriel takes the Schattenjäger knife off the wall and looks it over. It's a solid piece of work, highly polished and very sharp. This is perfect; hell, if he figures out where Wolfgang went, Gabriel just might take this with him.

Panel six shows a scroll of some sort. Gabriel's only seen one scroll in this castle; it's probably what he's looking for.

Everything in hand, Gabriel returns to the chapel one last time. If this doesn't work he's just going to bed.

He shakes some blood into the mix. After taking a moment to stop the bleeding, he pulls out the scroll and begins the final procedure.

Suddenly, a loud noise roars behind Gabriel.

He leaps to his feet, eager to see what sort of crazy magic he's unleashed.

Gabriel sighs, defeated. It was silly to expect anything would actually happen, but for a moment he'd gotten himself worked up.

Gabriel leaves the chapel and returns to Wolfgang's bedroom, leaving Gerde to clean up his disgusting mess of blood and salt.

The countryside remains at peace as Gabriel slowly drifts to sleep ...

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