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Part 32: Wolfgang Ritter vs. The Inner Chamber

Chapter 30: Wolfgang Ritter vs. The Inner Chamber

The door to the passageway to the inner chamber slams shut behind Wolfgang and Gabriel, and time once again comes to a halt within the Agris sanctuary. Gabriel hurries into the room, awestruck; it feels like nobody has set foot in these grounds for a century or more. Wolfgang straggles behind, looking considerably worse for wear from the recent excitement.

Gabriel turns to his great-uncle, eager to learn from the best what this Schattenjäger business is all about -- but the recent entanglement has left Wolfgang breathing heavily, clutching at his heart.

Wolfgang carefully steps further into the chamber.

Gabriel is curious what Wolfgang means by "three quests," but for now he takes in the sights of this secret, forbidden room.

Since the mummy doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to climb to its feet and attack the intruders, Gabriel takes a moment to get his first truly good look at Wolfgang.

Unfortunately, Wolfgang doesn't have a whole lot to share here that wasn't covered in the phone conversation on Day 7. As always, though, Gabriel is just full of questions.

Gabriel's certainly had his fair share of trouble telling those voices apart. Anyway, since the Schattenjäger lesson will have to wait, Gabriel gets to the heart of the current matter.

That's a thought Gabriel can't chase away fast enough.

Suddenly, something catches Gabriel's eye elsewhere in the chamber. He goes to investigate ...

The perfectly cylindrical table, elaborately carved around its entire base, stands out amidst the overbearing earthy sameness of the snake mound. Is it possible Tetelo's remains -- and the talisman the family's been searching for since Charleston -- lie inside this artifact?

Wolfgang carefully moves to get a closer look.

Wolfgang examines the table for a moment, then explains the tale to Gabriel:

Wolfgang returns to the edge of the room, watching Gabriel carefully as he continues to investigate. Gabriel keeps the possibility of the idol in mind, but he trusts Wolfgang's word that it wouldn't still be around here.

Gabriel carefully feels the small holes on the side of the lid, then calls to his uncle.

Wolfgang slowly moves to the far end of the trough while Gabriel looks on, concerned.

The two lift with all their might, but the lid doesn't budge.

Wolfgang again returns to the edge of the room while Gabriel considers his options. The vines have grown wildly out of control over the centuries, but the room is fairly bare, with one major exception.

A closer look at the holes on the side of the lid show that they extend all the way through. And they're about the right size ...

The pair awkwardly lift the first iron bar off rack.


The bar effortlessly slides through the table.

Once the bars are in place, Wolfgang takes a moment to catch his breath again. Gabriel continues to investigate the place, but finds nothing of note besides the table.

Gabriel waits until Wolfgang's breathing slows, then calls him over.

Wolfgang and Gabriel once again lift as hard as they can muster, but the added leverage gets the lid no closer to budging. Gabriel kicks the damn thing.

Gabriel impatiently begins to hunt for something he missed. Wolfgang just gazes at the table, his face hardening.

Wolfgang considers this for a moment, then gives Gabriel an intense look.

Wolfgang shakes his head. This is extraordinarily important to him, and he needs to make sure Gabriel understands.

Gabriel is somewhat taken aback by this request.

"Geez, fine."

Gabriel readies his knife ...

Meanwhile ...

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