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Part 33: .1

Chapter 30.1: Eat Your Heart Out

If there's one thing that people can agree every game in the Gabriel Knight series provides without fail, it's ridiculously gory late-game deaths. This first game, in all its VGA glory, is the most violent of the three.

Zombie, meet Gabriel Knight. Gabriel, this is a bloodthirsty zombie. Why don't you two shake hands?

Oh, zombie, that's not how you make friends.

So one of the big fixes made to the XP patch of this game is an extreme slowdown of the zombies. Ordinarily they'd just powerhouse along the screen and you'd lose control when they were like halfway across the room, making it a little difficult to get past.

Now they've been slowed down so far that you can practically bump into them and still make it to the next room.

You may have read the update and wondered, "Wait, why doesn't he just go counterclockwise and avoid that mess at the entrance entirely?!"

The answer is this guy, located in room 12.

You enter the room and immediately lose control while he moseys on over to you. I think he's supposed to be right by the door ready to pounce, but for whatever reason he spawns halfway into the room.

He even manages to walk past Gabriel for a minute while our protagonist waits patiently to die.

That's what you get, Gabriel.

Pretty much everything you can think of to do to fight the mummies doesn't work. You can't push them aside, you can't use the dagger or the rod against them ("The dagger won't work on the mummies! They're already dead!"). Attempting to grab a torch like Wolfgang does just tells you there's not enough time. The narrator's keepin' us down, man.

This zombie by the door was apparently already fed, because he's the only one who does not rip out your trachea with his teeth.

He is content to just snap your neck.

The last possible death on Day 9 occurs near the entrance to the inner chamber. If you don't use the snake rod in time -- the hole is right there, so you pretty much have to be paying zero attention to miss it -- then you're not the only one to meet a gruesome end.

Before too long, the zombies overpower Wolfgang.

Wolfgang's face meets the hard floor. It's a much less helpful way for him to go out.

But it's not like Gabriel has very long to worry about it.

55. That's gotta hurt. (Dailymotion) (Youtube)