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Part 36: Gabriel Knight vs. Dr. John

Chapter 33: Gabriel Knight vs. Dr. John

Malia rushes into the bathroom, the door sliding firmly shut behind her before Gabriel has a chance to react.

His attempt to get into the bathroom accomplishes nothing. Malia has locked the door behind her. Unfortunately, as much as he would love to try and make things right with her, Gabriel has much more important things to attend to. Grace is still missing, and he still has no idea how the hell he's going to overtake this cult.

A look around the room shows nothing Gabriel can use towards the larger goal. The furnishing is very nice -- much nicer than anything he's come across in the hounfour (though the competition is a room wallpapered with human skin and a room stuffed to the brim with live animals) -- but Gabriel can't think of any way to make decent use of any of it.

More than anything, Gabriel would love to cuddle up against Malia in this comfortable bed and pretend that nothing in the world is important besides the two of them.

It kills him to admit it, but there's nothing for Gabriel here. Even if he could connect with Malia, he just knows too much about the cult to ever let it rest.

Gabriel tries to put these thoughts out of his mind as he enters Room 4.

A palm tree rests in the corner, apparently to keep the office lively and fun! Gabriel isn't particularly impressed.

Gabriel begins to search the office for some concrete evidence.

Some concrete evidence he can understand would be better.

Now this is more like it.

Gabriel begins poring through the record book, a grin slowly spreading across his face. Much of it is over his head or would require further investigation, but he has a feeling that anyone caught leaving this place with it would shortly find themselves with a nasty case of unknown cause of death.

He stops cold at one page near the end.

Ideas begin to race through his head. He just might get to see what's in those locked rooms after all.

First, there's still one room left to check out.

Gabriel enters Room 5 and finds ...

... another office. This one shows no sign of life.

"I liked the other painting better."

A quick search of the room turns up nothing. Gabriel figures that record book is the best he's going to turn up on that front without braving the dread machines.

Finally, Gabriel finds himself back at room 6. There's nothing more that can be done here without taking drastic measures.

He marches into the center chamber to do just that. If he's right, he may be able to get Dr. John out of his room for just long enough.

After once again checking to make sure nobody's in the vicinity, Gabriel pulls out the record book and the Rada guide to determine just what sort of message he wants to send.

The interface for drumming is nearly identical to when you're spying on the drummer in the park. The only difference is an additional option to switch between the Rada book and the drum codes for the tribe members.

Gabriel decides to keep his message short and simple.

The door sound came from the direction of Dr. John's room. Just as planned.

Gabriel quickly scampers on the path to room 11, far from where Dr. John has just emerged.

He rounds the corners as quickly as he can without making noise. If he's lucky, he'll be in and out of Dr. John's room before the man even notices something amiss.

As soon as he steps foot in the room, Gabriel enters panic mode. This is almost literally the last place in the world he would want to get caught.

He carefully sidesteps the thing, trying not to get too good a look at the room's other occupant in the process.

Keycard in hand, Gabriel rushes to the exit, though he briefly considers nabbing one more object.

No, Gabriel's best shot at surviving this is staying unseen, which means getting the hell out of there right now.

Suddenly, Gabriel realizes he has no way of knowing which entrance to the central chamber Dr. John used -- the one by room 1 or the one by room 3.

With no better option than pure guesswork, Gabriel dashes counterclockwise.

Gabriel hides inside room 12 and waits, his heart racing, for some indication that he's in the clear.

Gabriel waits a moment longer for Dr. John to realize his keycard has gone missing and tear the place apart looking for it. Nothing happens.

He carefully steps out into the hallway; once again, no sign of life. Dr. John must have gotten back to his prayer.

Room 11 is the nearest locked area. Gabriel slides the keycard into the door panel.

Somehow, Gabriel is finding the insight into what will happen to him if he gets caught less than comforting.

These people seem to be very efficient in dealing with their victims. Gabriel supposes that's what happens when you have centuries to hone the art.

A quick look in the bucket provides Gabriel with more than he could ever possibly want to see.

Gabriel briefly considers searching through the cabinets, but decides he's better off leaving that a mystery.

He leaves the morgue, feeling significantly more determined and ill than when he stepped in. He can only imagine what horrors await him in the other locked rooms.

After great hesitation, Gabriel uses the keycard and unlocks room 1.

Gabriel is immediately awestruck by the vault. He's never seen so much money in one place before in his life.

As he moves to leave, he pauses, reconsidering ...

Damn it, Gabriel. ( )

It's not like anyone will notice a missing few hundred grand in this mess. Plus, odds are good he won't be alive long enough to feel very guilty.

Gabriel leaves the vault before his conscience gets the better of him.

As he passes room 3, Gabriel has an idea.


The keycard does let Gabriel into room 8, the last remaining locked area of the hounfour.

Finally! Gabriel rushes up to check on her when the door opens behind him.

A familiar face pokes his head in.

Mosely settles himself in at the head of the bed while Gabriel tries to rouse Grace.

Shaking and yelling doesn't seem to be doing the trick. And it's just not like Grace to sleep in the middle of the day after getting kidnapped. Either she's been drugged or they're using some sort of magic to keep her asleep.

And if it's magic, he's recently come into possession of an heirloom that might help.

Gabriel removes the talisman and hangs it around Grace's neck.

Grace slowly begins to stir. It worked! Gabriel puts the talisman back on.

Grace suddenly notices their surroundings and snaps to full attention.

Grace is, unsurprisingly, not in any sort of mood to deal with any of Gabriel's crap right now.

Gabriel shoots Grace a nasty look while Mosely tries to come up with a way to explain why he's making this suggestion.

Grace remains unconvinced, but moves on anyway. She doesn't know just how well "I'll think of something" has worked out for Gabriel this past week and a half.

Mosely fails to clarify just how he'll take Dr. John down, but he sounds confident enough. Gabriel lets it slide.

"This is so not the time to play that game."

Now that is something Gabriel already has a plan for.

Mosely begins to put his costume on over his coat.

Gabriel's own coat is sadly too long and identifiable to fit under the robe.

Before Gabriel has a chance to stuff his coat under the bed, the door slides open.

Grace falls back into fake unconsciousness just as Dr. John enters.

Gabriel responds in the huskiest, growliest voice he can muster.

Gabriel and Mosely obediently shuffle to the center chamber.

The stakes are as high as they've ever been in Gabriel's life. This will be their one and only chance to stop the cult in its tracks and get out alive. It's time to fight.

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