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Galactic Civilizations II

by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 11: Emergency Session 3: Kanassa

Oh, for crying out loud…

…Yer all a bunch of fucking assholes! Motherfucker! I'm fucking ashamed to be associated with you faggots!

Ulrik, please calm down. I don't like what happened either, but our course of action was decided by majority vote.

No it wasn't! You wishy-washy ass wipes split the vote fer actually HELPING and ya let the sick motherfuckers who wanted to sit back and watch win!

Mr. President, there's no need to get upset. The confidence from our backers rebounded almost immediately, and we are back up to projected levels of support.

It's always money with you, ain't it? People fucking died up there!

A drop in the bucket, so to speak, considering the overall population of the Solar System. Resettlement of the Moon has already returned its population to half its former number. I understand there are some superstitions regarding possible further attacks, but there is quite simply no room to spare on Earth.

This is it. This is the last fucking straw. I'm resigning. I'm fucking getting out of this goddamned senate.

Oh? As the person with the second highest vote count, that would make me next in line.

You? Fuck.

…Fine, I'm staying on, just so you fucks don't mess up even worse than you already have.

We do have pressing matters at hand, if you think you can be bothered…

Yeah, yeah, but rantin' has its own priorites.

"Do we do with it?"

At least this doohickey would be used on aliens, so there's no way you can fuck up nearly so bad as ya did on the last vote. As fer what to do with it, leave me out. I ain't in no mood to make decisions.

A resource-free method of gaining affluence among our neighbors? This sounds like a win-win proposition to me.

I'm not certain that tampering with the device is the wisest of moves, either to turn it up or shut it down. This is not a fully understood technology.

The mind of an individual is sovereign, and we would be tampering with the minds of others against their will. This device must be shut down.

I agree fully with Senator Skye.

It would seem best to make our neighbors aware of our greatness, through one means or another.

I don't see the point in such a device. I say we leave it be.

Mind control? Hmm…

Note: Kanassa is surrounded rather extensively by alien territory, so influence is somewhat important here. On the other hand, 2-3% influence isn't really important at all.