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Part 13: Session 7 Part 2

No new contacts in the fourth quarter, so let's just get straight ta business. Morgan, you got anything ta add?

The four new colonies added these past six months have increased costs dramatically from July, but the treasury is more full than ever, thanks to our continued technology deals. Still, there is much more that can be done. Economic treaties could be struck with other friendly nations (I will let Senator Lal describe that), and there are many trade routes that we can support at the moment, which is part of my own committee's responsibility. Four routes between Earth, Cupid, Altaria, and Kora would all be significantly profitable, for instance.

In addition, it may be time to bring ship spending back up.

Cool. How's the aliens doing?

In October, several significant deals were struck with the alien powers. We received Aquatic World Colonization from the Torians (since they have the Advanced version now, they were much more willing to let the basic version go), Beam Weapon Theory from the Yor, and the Stinger II from the Scottlingas.

You may have noticed that I sold Aquatic World Colonization to some of the minor races; I don't think this goes against the spirit of the Senate's prohibition on those technologies, since they have all avowed that they will never colonize. No harm was done by selling that technology to those races.

A second series of deals were made at the end of the year. Extended Life Support was purchased from the Korath, Alliances from the Yor, Mass Drivers from the Torians, Stinger III from the Scottlingas, and Armor Theory from the Snathi. There was one very disturbing revelation, however.

During talks with the Torian ambassador, he accidentally let slip that their nation had developed invasion techniques on the planetary scale. Naturally, when I pressed them about it, they revealed that they would never be willing to part with that technology. The fact that they were the first to develop it worries me greatly.

It would not take very long for us to be the second to develop it, if that helps. Regarding what we received, Beam Weapon Theory will allow us to develop Lasers in the near future, while Mass Drivers and the Stinger III make up the most advanced weapons technology we know of at the moment. Extended Life Support gives us over double the range in the same sized package. Alliances gives us the ability to form, well, exactly that, with "Close" alien governments. It actually leapfrogs our understanding of Interstellar Governments (which we should still research, since it will still provide some Diplomacy ability) and lets us go straight to studying the Interstellar Republic. This representative government will improve our economy, since people work harder when they think their opinions matter.

The best new technology is Aquatic World Colonization. The Torians are naturally aquatic, but between having to set up production facilities on ocean floors and needing to build habitation domes for visitors, their understanding applies well enough to us humans. Sadly, while the basic form of the technology lets us colonize aquatic planets, both forms of production will be at 50% until we research the advanced form of the technology.

We will have plenty of time to research once all our planets are claimed.

Yes, of course. I personally recommend that all the marginal planet types be researched before starting on the advanced technologies.

We can do so since Advanced Colonization has been researched. I have already recommended which one I believe we should start with, but all the planet types will take around 7 weeks to finish each.

Since we can now build planetary-scale farms, I have added one to every planet with enough room to support them. Of course, the upgraded versions will allow for more population when they are developed, so I decided to set only one in most cases.

We should also explain what happened with our colonies. At the start of November, the second colony ship was completed, and both Agena planets were planned for colonization.

Unfortunately, the Torians reached Agena IV first.

Fortunately, they turned out to be just as willing to trade new colonies as the Altarians. Most of the Torians on the planet moved off when the planet traded hands, so there are only a few million frontiersmen on Kamadeva.

Since we had traded for Aquatic Colonization by then, I redirected the second colony ship to Yima. It is still en route as of the first of January.

Kamadeva is an excellent, if remote, planet, composed primarily of two continents. After applying the standard template, there are two spaces that will be unused.

A third colony ship was built after this, so I designated the aquatic planet in the Hoth system to be colonized next. This one, too, is still underway.

The Altarians evidently thought that Wilea I was still up for grabs, since they colonized it in mid-December.

Now, be fair. They were still entirely reasonable about the whole thing.

Wilea I has much less land cover, housing only five small, isolated continents. I was not able to apply the full template, although one spot seems quite excellent for future research.

In other news, the Restaurant of Eternity on Earth was finished. Earth is now an incredible center of tourism and influence.

Right, who's next?

We have finished the prototype phase of another corvette, this one designed for attack. I call it the Phoenix. Unlike the Defender, this one is based around speed and range.

After Bacchus completed its defender, Yang convinced me to let them build a constructor next. There are other starports, after all.

Indeed. Canaan has just finished its starport, and Wilea I (we really need to come up with a better name for those planets) began production today. This brings our starport count up to five.

There was an…unexpected find on Kanassa, but we have decided to leave well enough alone there.

The planet is only a Class 7, with only two major continents and a wide ice shelf. I was only able to apply a very truncated version of the standard template.

The Agena planets are small and isolated from the rest of Terran space. Indeed, they are surrounded on all sides by alien species. I feel it is imperative for Kamadeva to get a starport up and running immediately in order to build an influence starbase.

If we researched Planetary Invasion, Kamadeva would be an excellent starting point for our revenge against Harold Gibons.

I disagree, it should be building a colony ship for when we can land on Caesar V.

Hey, Miriam, they haven't heard about that yet.

Then tell them.

Right, well, there's a heavy gravity planet just past Agena. Crazy thing is, unless the scout ship's meter was broken, Caesar V is a Class 29. I mean goddamn! Here I was getting worked up about the Class 19 around Mann! This may very well be the best fucking planet in the whole galaxy. A real goddamn Eden.

Yes. And one that should be colonized as soon as possible, before our rivals have the chance of doing so themselves.

There is one additional thing I wish to discuss. When other governments are at "Friendly" or better, I can obtain the rights to Economic and Research treaties. No, I should be more specific. The other government doesn't need to be at "Friendly," but any lower and their demands for compensation become ridiculously expensive. Having this treaty means that the government so approached will share 10% of its economy or research with us. Their economy and research will not go down, but ours would go up. We have the ability to give these treaties out ourselves, but since we can only share with one other civilization, we need to choose carefully. However, I need the full authorization of the senate before ratifying any treaty.

Right. And regarding the United Planets vote, I decided to send Zarkov this time.

You're doing that on purpose now, aren't you?

After October? Yeah, yeah I am.

Well, in a surprising show of support, the Korath and the Yor decided to vote along with us to build a permanent prison in the Terran Alliance. This doubles the production of the planet it is built on.

I don't like it. Even the Torians voted for someone else. What if the prisoners riot and steal ships? We would have pirates showing up right in our backyard!

I'm sure it won't come up. And besides, you can use them to build a proper defense fleet before it does happen.

In fact, I decided it should be built right here, on the Moon, since, well…

We quite suddenly have the spare room.

And don't think I've forgiven you fer even havin' suggested that. I knew you goat fuckers were soulless bureaucrats when I signed on ta this senate, but what you were capable of doin'…

(I'd like to remind everyone that the number in parentheses in the class column is undeveloped land.)

Fuck it, I'm goin' fer a drink. You assholes do whatever.

Standing Laws

Energy credits and technologies are authorized for any and all foreign technology trades; priority is given to military technologies so purchased. Humanity is prohibited from selling or trading away colonization technologies.

The starting order for all colonial buildings will be: build a factory, a market center, a factory, a market center, one research center, one starport, and one farm (once possible, only up to 13b) in that order, using special tiles when appropriate.