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Part 26: Emergency Session 10: State of the Republic

This is foolish. We are at war; how is now of all times a good moment to change our government?

Last I checked, Stellar Senate approval ratin' was on the good side a' 90%. Why do we even hafta vote?

To answer the second question first, a change in government, no matter how ceremonious it may be, must be done with the proper procedures, and that means getting senate approval. As for your concerns, Corazon, civilian traffic has not and will not stop even in the face of war, and they are the ones delivering the new devices. Most colonies are building theirs planetside anyways.

If I may make the formal speech? Senators, ladies and gentlemen, when we last met for this function, I mentioned that the expense of ansible voting booths made them inefficient for full population voting. A year has passed, and this is no longer the case. Instead of the colonial congress representing the planets' interests, the populace can do so themselves.

Such effective representation would make people believe their opinions matter, improving the economy by a further 10% over the Republic. We still need Svensgaard's party in power for him to be an effective president, but as he mentioned, our government's approval rating is currently 91%.