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Part 29: Session 12: The Thunder of Guns

The order of research shall be Advanced Miniaturization, then Fleet Warp Bubbles, then Advanced Logistics, then Lasers IV.


"Hello, noble citizens. My name is Pontius Abel, morale officer for the 167th Bacchan Artillery. Some call me a hero for saving my unit from a full battalion of Korath Exterminators, but I don't really see it that way.

"See, in my view, every enlisted man and woman, whether they be Alliance Army, Space Navy, Air Force, Drop Marines, or even Station Guard, is a hero to me. Everyone in the armed forces, from the most decorated captain to the most insignificant-seeming janitor, puts his or her life on the line to safeguard our freedom and our independence. You are each and every one of you a hero, and you all deserve a hero's welcome when you return from war, ha ha!

"So don't hesitate; drop by your local recruitment station and ask how you can serve your species, and become a hero just like me!"



I don't like him. His so-called "heroism" happened to be a requisitioned jeep which was traveling directly away from the front lines during a surge. It was probably coincidence that the Exterminators were attempting to flank the artillery position and he got lucky.

Still, if he can keep producing commercials like this, I'd have to call him an excellent morale officer.

Officer Abel seems quite competent at turning adversity to his advantage, whether it is luck or otherwise. I believe he may have an interesting future ahead of him.

Oh, I'll see to that. After all, what good is a "Hero of the Alliance" when he's not on the front lines?

Hah, I'll bet yer just jealous of his good looks. Anyway, best get the session started. Morgan, how's the money flow?

Quite positive at this point. Given no mandate, I have decided to move our tax rate down by 7% and increase our espionage spending to around 10% of the economy. The war is bringing our ship maintenance to a noticeable figure, but it's nothing we can't handle. We have far more money than we need sitting in our treasury anyway.

Two more of our freighters have reached their destinations, including one very lucrative venture to Drengin space. I should add at this point that all seven of our initial trade lanes have been filled; however, we now have two more lanes than we did before. My fellows in the Trade and Loan would do well to commission another pair of freighters. Perhaps something linking us with the distant Arceans is in order?

Sounds fair. How's the fereign relations, Prav?

Our spy network has been busy bringing us information about the Korath.

Of course, the Korathi spies have been busy as well. One managed to sneak onto Canaan and sabotage one of its Trade Centers. It wasn't until four weeks later that we managed to repair the damage.

There seems to have been some extensive intimidation going on between major and minor races, as well. The Scottlingas were annihilated entirely by the Yor.

Not like ye'd expect any less, eh? Zak, how's the science doin'?

The "science" has been doing well. Specifically, our investment into additional miniaturization technology has borne fruit, as has our Fleet Warp Bubble project. In fact, development went so quickly that with just an additional week the second stage bubble left the prototype phase. I believe a further third model could be built without much trouble, and I have recommended it in today's handout.

The extra miniaturization has also given us a more advanced Defender design. I also wish to recommend that the Defense Commission design a fleet defender with both the Warp Bubble Generator and the Fleet Defense computer on board. A cargo chassis with additional hard points and armor should compliment our fleets nicely.

Sounds fun. Deidre, you said you had an announcement to make?

Yes, well, technically. I merely wanted to officially welcome the senate to our new dedicated building here on Earth. It is much nicer than our old auditorium in the UN building, as I'm sure everyone will agree.

That it is. Yang, what's the station report?

Quite extensive. One additional economy starbase was also constructed in our down-left offshoot region. It has the range to provide aid to three of our colonies in the area.

So I see. How's the war comin', Corazon?

Two Korathi scout ships have been detected in Terran space, and have been dealt with by local defenses.

During their journey to the second Korathi space station, our frigates came across a pair of weaponized constructors.

With nothing more than a single weapon strapped onto the front, these constructors were no match for any reasonable force on our part.

Unfortunately, the utility of these constructors was proven when they slipped past our sensors and destroyed the unprotected influence starbase near Kamadeva.

Vengeance, at least, was swift.

Meanwhile, our ships successfully destroyed and replaced the second of the two Korathi mining bases. This one provides us with the room temperature superconductor, which will improve research, as I recall.

The true war only began in the second quarter of this year. Expect a significant update in that report.

Right, that just leaves me. Seems the ol' Nautilus has been busy lately.

Quite the haul, eh? And it ain't near done yet.

'Course, the first quarter's done, so I'm callin' fer recess. Now where'd I put Daddy's Little Helper…