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Part 3: Blood, Brains and Body Bits

Update 03 - Blood, Brains and Body Bits

Welcome back. Last time we punched and burned people to death with our minds, then lost control and went into head-popping meltdown mode.

We unlocked the door that will let us progress last update, but there’s a storage room located through here that contains an item we need.

There are a few goodies in here. The metal table in the first screenshot contains some Delmetor, while the shelves in the second hold a vial of Nalcon and a Recovery Capsule.

However, the really important item is up here, in the orange box.

Despite its name the Beeject is not a tool for injecting tiny bees into yourself. Observant viewers will have noticed that the coloured bars for Nalcon and Red decrease whenever they are used. When they empty out Rion becomes unable to use those abilities. However, having the Beeject allows Rion to replenish his supply by injecting more of the chemicals into himself - such as the vial of Nalcon we just found.

We have everything we need from this area, so let’s make some progress.

There is a guard outside the door. He is promptly burninated.

The map reveals that we are in a long and fairly serpentine corridor.

The door to our left is locked, but our psychometry gives us a hint as to where the key is.

It appears to be on a tray somewhere, and… Uh. Are those fetuses floating in those tanks? Just what the hell is up with this hospital?

Following the corridor brings us face to face with another guard, who promptly goes the same way as his companions.

The door at the top leads to a save room. Useful if you aren’t using savestates.

Beyond the T-junction lies another door.

It’s a bathroom!

There is literally nothing of interest in here.

A guard walks off-screen just as we leave.

He suffers the standard fate.

The next corridor contains a sleeping guard. He wakes up four or five seconds after you enter, so you can’t just sneak by him.

This door leads down to a lower level, but it’s locked down too tightly for us to get through. Reading it reveals that we’ll need a chemical, perhaps some kind of acid that can burn through the lock.

Dispatching the guard around the corner depletes the last of my Red, forcing me to switch back to Nalcon in order to get rid of the final guard around the next corner.

It takes two shots of Nalcon to put a guard down, as opposed to one shot of Red.

Looking at the map reveals that we’ve made almost a full circle, with the door on Rion’s right leading back into the isolation chamber.

The door won’t open because of a blown fuse, but our psychometry indicates a spare is somewhere in the building. The surroundings look kind of icy…

Two doors stand at the end of the corridor. The left one is unlocked and leads onwards.

The other is locked, and clearly leads to the freezer.

The freezer is naturally very cold, and Rion’s breath mists in the air as he moves through it. Thread young’uns might not know it, but this was actually kind of a neat touch sixteen years ago.

The open cabinet yields a vial of Nalcon, and Delmetor and a Recovery Capsule can be found shelves scattered around the area. The real prize lies at the back of the room, however.

Unfortunately taking the fuse triggers some kind of malfunction.

The cold air prevents us from leaving. Thankfully the solution is fairly straightforward.

Fiddling with this device turns off the fans. Not sure why this puzzle was included, to be honest.

We can leave now, but this central unit is pretty noticeable. Perhaps we should examine it for clues.

The unit hisses open, revealing…

: Ah!

Rion falls to the ground, and the unit closes up again.

...Let's get out of here.

Music: Galerians - Hospital Theme 5

Moving swiftly on from the freezer full of disembodied brains and eyeballs, we come to some kind of testing area. The two scientists in here are busy working and won’t notice us unless we get right up in their faces. Unfortunately for them we have to since there’s an item near them we need to progress.

Remember that locked cabinet right at the beginning of the game? This key unlocks it. We’ll be heading back there shortly, but there are still things to do here.

Reading this machine gives us a brief scene.

The camera zooms in on a child strapped into the chair, who looks like he’s having some kind of seizure.

Yeah, he’s not having a good time.

There is also a door by the opposite wall.

Inside is a small room containing a chair and strange writing on the wall.

Reading the wall gives us an image of a computer terminal. Hmm…

This chair had some Nalcon on it, but we can also read it for another brief scene.

The same child in the previous scene sits in the chair, levitating a number of toys.

He loses control and crushes one of them, and the scene ends.

Anyway, let’s put some of the key items we’ve just collected to use.

Use the fuse on the door and presto, we’re back in the isolation chamber.

With the PPEC Storage key we can open up the cabinet in here.

For some reason it contains liquid explosives. Perhaps they were meant to be injected into Rion as some kind of failsafe? Regardless, we need this item to progress.

The cabinet also has some Delmetor, which is nice.

With the liquid explosives in hand our next destination is the red shutter leading downstairs.

As we backtrack down the corridor we find a new enemy waiting in ambush. It’s no big deal though, we can just-

Well, that escalated quickly! Meet the riot guard, one of the toughest regular enemies in the stage. Their guns give them a powerful ranged attack that always knocks Rion over and is nearly impossible to evade in tight corridors. Once Rion is floored they run over and try to club him to death. They can shoot faster than you can charge your powers and take three shots of fully powered Nalcon to take down.

I’m not going to lie, this guy kicked my ass. I had to pop two Recovery Capsules and run around like a maniac before I finally got an opening to take him down.

After the riot guard finally bites it it’s time to get rid of this security shutter.

Slap a bit of liquid explosive on the door, then press Triangle and watch the fireworks fly.

The explosive gel begins to glow with heat.

With the shutter down we’re free to climb into the lower levels. This update has got a little long, so we’ll see what’s down there next time.