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by Choco1980

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Original Thread: Fighting evil with the gree-er red blaze! Let's Play Gargoyle's Quest!



What is this game?

In 1985, Capcom came out with the game Ghosts N' Goblins. The game was a smash hit on several platforms and was hard as balls. It led to many sequels and a few spinoffs. In it you play as a knight named Arthur, on a quest to save a princess kidnapped by demons. Not very complex stuff. However, the games have a very full and creatively built world of demons and monsters and other spooky stuff.

In 1990, one such spinoff came out on the Game Boy starring one of the hardest and most reviled mini-bosses of the series, the Red Arremer (despite the boxart depicting him as GREEN, hence the thread title,) a Gargoyle class demon with wings and flame breath. This is that game, Gargoyle's quest.

The game is very different from the main series, with completely different playstyle and difficulty levels, and a psuedo-rpg element to it. You play as Firebrand, a Red Arremer Gargoyle who previously had saved the Ghoul Realm from an army known as The Destroyers, and their leader Breager. Breager and his troops have returned and laid waste to the Realm, and while working on screwing with Arthur in the Earth Realm Firebrand is again called on to save the day, though he used up all his power vanquishing the Destroyers last time. Now he must go on a quest (oh wait, I just got the title!) to regain his abilities and defeat the Destroyers once more.

In 1992 Capcom made a prequel to the game on the NES wherein the events of Firebrand's previous adventure are detailed (uh, spoiler?). While the NES allowed for larger and more colorful screen resolution, the game wasn't as finished feeling as the tightly controlled Game Boy game. A year later the game was remade within the first game's engine on the Game Boy, with smaller screen resolution but better control, and with the addition of two bonus dungeons (if this LP goes well enough, I might be convinced to do that one in the thread as well). Unfortunately the game was not released in the US, but in the past year a fan translation, basically porting over the NES' text was released. Finally, a third game came out in 1994 for the SNES, Demon's Crest, whose story connections to the previous two is ambiguous at best. It's an excellent game, and I suggest you look at it in the LP archive.

About this LP

Full confession: I'm not very good at video games. However, I love horror and monster business. Because of that, I got this game as a kid when it was new, and just played the everloving hell out of it. Because of that, it actually became one of the few games I can confidently say I'm good at. I've played this game year after year, and at the peak of playing it, I actually came close to the speed run time record for completion. So I can play this with some confidence.

As I have said, this game is interesting because it switches between action platforming and an RPG style overworld. So I will be using a hybrid format of videos for the action levels and screenshots for the overworld and towns.

As far as audience participation goes, I'm open for any and all of it. The game has a very telegraphed and simple story, so I really don't think spoilers matter much. Also, I've done next to know work at learning the behind the scenes for this game, so if anyone wants to pipe in with that sort of information, be my guest. Also, I know very little about the actual Ghosts n' Goblins series. If anyone wants to talk about them though, they are certainly allowed in this thread.

In case you are wondering, any and all sprites I'll be using are shamelessly stolen from the now defunct Firebrand shrine over at I recommend checking the site out if you're a fan of the franchise.


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There's a surprising amount of fan art already for this project.

The silliness began in the sandbox when BMS made this beauty that's become a crucial part of the LP:

Then, following my posting of this ad:

He gave us this soon-to-be smilie:

and this for a different thread:

Feyebrand gives us this peek at the final boss of the game. Uh, spoilers I guess.

And finally So far Seyser Koze was kind enough to also link this from a different thread:

Seyser Koze posted:

And finally, user BMS surprises us all at the end with this...thing.
Super Gargoyle's and Ghost's Quest Trailer
You're all doing God's Work.
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