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Gargoyle's Quest

by Choco1980

Part 1

Welcome to Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts N Goblins! First up, watch this:

Level One

And now as we saw at the end of the video, we're now in the overworld of the game. This portion of the game likes to pretend it's an RPG. You can explore the world but there's very little in the way of open-endedness. You basically go from one railroaded segment to the next. (there is some reward for exploring we'll see, but we'll get to those bridges when we cross them). Here's the area we're presently able to explore:

We exit down in the lower right, which is the level the game starts at. Right now our destination is that town in the left. But as you can see, there are three of the "ghost" enemies blocking our path, two one route, one the other.

Who are you?! You're not leaving here!

First Encounter

Each of the ghosts provide this same encounter, which rewards you with one vial. On top of that, the overworld provides penty of random encounters. The five ghost fight in the "W" shaped area is the most basic fight available, but there are many enemy types, and "arena" shapes. For example, while making my way to the town I encountered this:

Second Encounter

Fighting venus fly traps that spit out floating eyes that explode on contact (the explosions DO have splash damage, so be careful) and then these guys too:

Third Encounter

Which are just ghosts with shields protecting their front ends. Neither encounter is very difficult, but sometimes the RNG decides to hit you with far harder encounters. The harder a fight is, the more vials you earn for winning.

But anyways, into the first town!

Firebrand! You finally made it...

If you find the Essence of the Soulstream somewhere in the realm, the wounded can be healed.

This will become important in a few updates.

Black Light!!! Even a resurrection spell can't help you if you're touched by its darkness!

As highlighted in the intro to the game, the Black Light is the secret weapon of The Destroyers they used to decimate the Ghoul Realm.

Jark is gifted with second sight. Seek his advice.

Gargoyles in towns make absolutely dreadful high pitched noises when talking. Jark is the leader of this particular town, and his second sight should guide us to where to go next.

Ooo, gimme gimme! There's 2 vials just sitting on the ground here. Yoink!

When they were attacked, the Barone, Jark, lost the Gremlin Stick given him by King Darkoan.

I'm sure that won't effect our quest at all.

Most of us have been defeated...Some who have been revived are hiding here.

With the Talisman of the Cyclone, a damaged body can be revived.

The in-game explanation for having multiple lives and continues. Let's go inside now.

We Ghouls can be revived by chanting the resurrection spell XXXX-XXXX I'll tell you the words of the spell. Never forget them.

This room is inside each town, and serves as a save point, both for your passwords, and for if you use up all your lives in the action mode, as you will restart at the point where you got the password.

Exchange 8 vials for 1 talisman of the Cyclone?

Of course!

More than that would be greedy.

This guy sells you lives for your vials. The price goes up with each town you visit. They'll get crazy expensive by the end, so stock up now.

Jark uh, looks pretty big up there. I'm sure he won't mind us grabbing his loot just lying on the floor though. It's just a single vial though.

This is the room of the Barone, Jark.

I'm Jark. I'm afraid I can't help you. Without my Gremlin Stick, my powers are very limited. If only I had it back...

Oh no you don't. We already have to save the whole realm from Breager and the destroyers, you're not conning us here into doing your job for you. We'll say no to that offer.

I'll give you a gift if you agree to find it for me.

Well, I suppose if you're going to bribe me with a "but thou must!" result...

You'll do it?! Great! (Here's) The Fingernail of the Spectre! When you have it, you will become lighter and able to fly higher.

And there we have it, we've agreed to go on our first subquest, and we've been given a fingernail for our efforts. There's four different powerup types we get throughout the game: Fingernails and claws increase our jumping abilities for some reason making us able to fly higher. Wing upgrades increase our hover gauge, armor increases our health points, and then theres different magic breaths which we'll get to as we get them.

Regardless, we now have our first fetch quest, which we'll get to in the next update!