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Gargoyle's Quest

by Choco1980

Part 2


When last we left our hero, the Barone Jark had given us a mission to go get his Gremlin Stick so that he'd get his psychic powers back. He paid us in advance with The Fingernail of the Spectre, which allows us to jump higher. Let's take a look at our next section of the map:

Quite a bit of interest here. We're starting from the obvious town in the lower left, and heading up. Oh, hello there

Help Me! You aren't one of them, are you? I was so scared. Our attackers went east.

Well, I suppose that's helpful. Anyways, we have up ahead the first ability checkpoint of many in the game. Let's take a look

Bridge 1

That wasn't too bad. Now let's explore this area. I didn't get any new enemy encounters to really show off, or if I did it was just a different shaped area to fight the same different enemies. But enough about that, I see some loot! Gimme Gimme!

Obtained 1 Talisman of the Cyclone.

Free 1-UP! Score! Now let's see what the ghost down there has to say before I kill him

A Gargoyle! Coming so far is impressive, but here you die.

Suuure. It's that same generic five plain ghost battle you've already seen. And because that Demon Tower looks scary, and could never be where the Gremlin Stick is, let's avoid it alltogether. Oh, hello there.

Up ahead is the palace of Darkoan.

Hey that's great! That's just where I'm headed. I don't even need to look for the stupid Gremlin Stick!

...You're not moving are you?

...crap. Fine you dick, let's go kill this other ghost on the way to the scary tower.

The Gremlin Stick? You are a stupid Henchmen of that Barone. I sealed that stick away in the big tower monster.

And then we kill him. It was just two shield ghosts.

Sigh, this doesn't look fun, but I guess I'll just walk right into the monster's mouth.

Demon Tower

You acquired the Gremlin Stick. An incredible force is building in your body. You have the power of the Block-Buster.

Whoo-hoo! Now we can rent movies all we want! Just kidding, the good news is the Block Buster is about twice as strong as our normal flame and fires twice as fast. The bad news is we gotta get the stick back to Jark, which means going over that bridge again.

Bridge redux

Now, a curious thing happens in the game. When you go into town, everyone says the same thing:

Did you bring back my Gremlin Stick?

In my headcannon, the psychic Jark is so desperate for his stick back that he's forcing everyone under his power to get it back, intentional or no. Speaking of Jark, let's see how he's doing

That's it! I owe you my happiness.

Now in case you're wondering, you have to actually USE the stick to give it to him.

Yes... I can feel my power returning... Oh no! I see the king enveloped in flames. Firebrand! Hurry up! Take this Candle of the Poltergeist to King Darkoan.

You have the Candle of the Poltergeist

It's not explained very well, but the Candle is meant to dispel the Black Light Breager and the Destroyers used to subdue King Darkoan. But we won't find out about that until next time!

Next Time: Cannibals and item hunting.