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Gargoyle's Quest

by Choco1980

Part 5

Here we are now, Majorita has made the rest of our quest clear: We have to seek out Rushifell (A deliberate mistranslation of Lucifer, who you may recognize as the boss of Ghouls and Ghosts) who will give us the last of our power to reclaim our title of the Red Blaze, and go burn out the Destroyer Army. So, there's not a lot to say, but we have a new bridge to cross.

Bridge 4

...Or maybe the course isn't so clear, as there's seven tunnels in this valley. Hopefully someone here in the last town will help us.

Before I go any further, I'm no dummy, let's follow this path outside...

Hi, friend! Remember me? It was I who gave you the Armor of Guile. If you're seeking the Naga's Path, (the way to Rushifell, Natch) It's the fifth one from the Northern-most side. The other paths are all traps. Good luck, friend!

Friend Gargoyle's a cool dude. Unfortunately, his advice makes no damn sense from what I assume are translation errors. Anyways, there's only two other Ghouls in town, plus the standard password room and life shop. Lives here cost thirty-two vials, so I hope you saved up.

Firebrand! Why have you come here? You fake! Rushifell has the candle. The real Red Blaze is Rushifell himself.

Well screw you too, buddy.

You are the Red Blaze. With your help, we can defeat Breager.

Anyways, let's go see what happens if we go into the wrong tunnel, shall we?

Wrong Way

Ah, well that was a bad idea. What we want is the entrance that's to the far right on the map.

Naga's Path

And here we are, outside Rushifell's castle. Nothing to do now but go forward.

Firebrand, I know you're coming. If you are the true Red Blaze. Deafeat me and prove your right to the Eternal Candle. I'll be waiting for you.

And then he literally moonwalks off screen. Time for our hardest challenge yet.

Rushifell's Castle

You are indeed the Red Blaze. But you don't have your full powers yet. For that, you need the Eternal Candle. I am honored to give it to you.

You have the Eternal Candle.

Only you can defeat Breager. Go save our realm, Red Blaze.

The Essence of the Ghoul Realm is building inside you and filling you with power. Someone is speaking to you in your mind.

You are our son. Show us your real power and defeat the King of Destruction.

You acquired the magical power of Darkfire.

There we are, with just one bridge standing between us and Breager's castle, and now we're at maximum power, ready to go all on his heiney. See you next time as we conclude Gargoyle's Quest!!