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Gargoyle's Quest

by Choco1980

Part 6

After a long Summer hiatis, we're back for one final update! Sorry, the LP Curse hit me and my footage didn't record after I lost my save state and had to do everything over, just as I was getting my son for the Summer.

Anyways, there's very little left to say here any more as we're out of towns, and we're now fully powered up to lay the smackdown on Breager once and for all. There's no going back, only forward, so lets move on to the final bridge exam.

Bridge 5

As you can see, that wasn't too tough. By this point you should know what you're doing as far as mobility.

Here we go, the last level. Nowhere else to go but in.

Breager's Tower

There he is, the big man himself. But first, ooh, I see Breager's stash! It's 4 lives, because they totally have no faith in you.

Welcome, Red Blaze. I know of your power. There is no need for us to fight. Why don't you become my follower. If you do, I'll give this realm to you. You will be king. What do you say, Red Blaze?


Uh, sure, we are a DEMON after all...

You dare to oppose me?! Come to me. You fool! I absorbed your power. Feel my vengeance? (Yes, he makes it a question)


Ouch. The ultimate dick move of the game. They give you the Dragon Warrior treatment of letting you side with Breager, only for him to take away ALL your power and have to fight him at base stats. In which you aren't even able to jump high enough to hit him, let alone out run his shots.

Anyways, let's try this again the right way

Screw you douchebag!

Infernal Red Blaze, once again you hinder me. But I will have the last laugh.

Breager (for real)

WHAT! I've been defeated twice? I'll never forget this. I'll be back...and then... I'll... Guuh... GWAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Hooray Red Blaze!

Red Blaze Forever!

Hey friend! You made it! I knew you would!

Friend Gargoyle is the best

But why didn't you tell me you were the legendary Red Blaze. Anyway, you saved the Realm. I hope you'll stay here and help us. By the way, Firebrand, the Earth is yours. If you can conquer the Earth, you can be king there. Good luck!

End Credits

And On that screen that's The End. Thank you for watching, I have a blast with this game every time I pick it up. It is easily in my top five all time favorite games, and half the obstacles are muscle memory at this point. I was always a horror fan and the mild difficulty scale was pitch perfect for young bad-at-games Choco. I'm admittedly a little burnt out at the moment on Gargoyles, but may in the not too distant future take a crack at the game boy port of the prequel detailing the first time the Red Blaze turned back Breager's forces. The NES version is the only one we saw here in the states, and it's not at all perfect, mostly due to not at all having a well polished set of controls. For whatever reason the team went back and remade the game using the original's tight control scheme, sacrificing color and overall screen size, but adding in a couple of interesting bonus dungeons with their own new reward powers. In my opinion the port is MUCH better made than the original, and not too long back someone made a translation patch, which wasn't hard as there doesn't seem to be any real new dialogue to the NES version. But in the mean time I'm ready to put this happily to rest, and I'm absolutely grateful for all the thread participation that came out of it.