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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

by Psion

Part 3: - Noble Tempest


In this update, we play mission 3, Noble Tempest.

We're officially out of the tutorial woods: Our last major piece of gear has been introduced. It'll be a staple for the rest of the game: a remote piloted recon drone with an IR camera. Only Kozak gets the drone, which is too bad - I would have loved to have quadrotor drone fights with the rest of the Ghosts.

You might have noticed something a little odd with the cutscenes -- this game is a little confused what your ship is named. In the intro, it's called USS King's Mountain which is pulling pretty deep for a name reference. It's pretty clearly an Wasp-class LHD - as you fly in there's a very large lit up 7 on the superstructure of the ship; but LHD-7 is the USS Iwo Jima. And in the midmission cutscene? Specifically named Wasp. Which is LHD-1. (There was a CV-7 Wasp, but I'm pretty sure they aren't using a carrier sunk 82 years before this game takes place)

Ghost Recon: Can't make up its mind.

Diamond Formation #2 and Rat Physics.

"Rat physics" is not a phrase I ever expected to write out.