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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

by Psion

Part 6: - Firefly Rain


In this update, we play mission 6, Firefly Rain.

Visually, I think this is one of the better levels and it's fun to play as well. I also have some pretty weird model/texture load problems that only manifest in co-op. Either that or everyone has adaptive camo vehicles now?

Mission 6: A Ride to the Tank Fight

Meet your Ghosts!
Since Lazyfire can't tell them apart, let's put them together.

Pepper - Master Sergeant Robert Bonifacio


Pepper's been there, put holes in that. Whatever just happened, he's seen it before and the other time was worse. He isn't the oldest on the team, but he's still the Old Man, and everyone treats him with the appropriate respect. A deadly sniper, he's got the hallmark steady nature and cool nerves one would expect, and is a man of few words - unless he's pointing out problems with a plan or just giving 30K a hard time. Without a doubt, if there's anyone you want watching your back, it's Pepper.
30K - Sergeant First Class Jimmy Ellison


An up-front-and-in-your-face guy, 30K's number one interest is getting done whatever it is that needs doing. He's the rowdy best friend you don't want choosing the bar, but the one you count on in the bar fight. He offers his opinion fearlessly, regardless of rank or etiquette, and if the top brass has a bad idea he's the first to say it. 30K's aggressive, but never reckless, and his willingness to go toe-to-toe with the enemy has gotten the team out of enough tough spots that they forgive him the few he got them into.