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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

by Psion

Part 9: - Valiant Hammer



In this update, we play mission 9, Valiant Hammer. I think this is the longest mission in the game so I got pretty aggressive on editing to try and make it as short as I could. Despite this, I could only cut six and a half minutes - this is just a long mission. If we'd tried for maximum stealth the video would probably be double this length. I'm not even kidding - it takes a long, long time and has some very complex sync shot requirements if you want to be completely stealthy. Well, that and three hours to hammer reload from checkpoint for the inevitable failures.

But on the positive side, I got to use the AK47 (AKM ) this level. It's an excellent rifle and I am saddened that it is locked away as a preorder gun and only available out of a select few weapon boxes in the campaign - a grand total of two.