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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

by Psion

Part 10: - Gallant Thief


In this update, we play mission 10, Gallant Thief. Are we bad enough dudes? Let's find out. This mission is designed to be played solo; it is the only solo mission in the game. You can play it in co-op but it leads to some unintentionally hilarious moments - let's say it wasn't extremely polished. It works, but ... well, you'll see the cutscenes for yourself.

In this mission: the one, the only, the Tactical Blunderbuss, as well as the thread-voted SMG of choice, the MP7. I would like to point out the MP7 is actually very good.

Bonus Video
Suffer With Me, GRFS Edition - the unedited failures at rescuing the president. See the entire Blunderbuss Sequence, which probably follows the Kübler-Ross model.

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