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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

by Psion

Part 11: - Invisible Bear


In this update, we play mission 11, Invisible Bear. I'd like everyone to pay attention to that introductory cutscene. The payoff won't be until next mission, but keep it in mind. This is a pretty good mission, overall - the main combat sections are pretty tough but also pretty satisfying. Also, I like the concept in general - not the specifics of this Russian coup plot, that's still ridiculous - but the game finally tries to drive home the point that you're Ghosts. Invisible, deadly, effective...that kind of thing.

The cutscenes overplay it, but they're trying at least. It'd be very cool if the mid-mission update ones were dynamic based on your actions and there was some cool branching going on here, but best I can tell they are not and there is no branching. In the end, that's probably for the best. Otherwise we'd still be waiting for this game to come out ... in 2017.

Speaking of delays until 2017, I had to manually retime an unfortunate amount of this audio track. I blame Lazyfire, who I know already blames Cerberus. If Cerberus blames me, we'll have the perfect circle.