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by Haifisch

Part 2: Deadline

's not much to do now except...

(Music: Four Minutes Before Death)

: Oh, no...! He's...dead...

: You did this. You killed him, didn't you?
: Instead of playing "whodunit" right now, you oughta to be more concerned about your own fate.
: Who are you? Some sort of hitman? What do you want from me?
: They said we had to wipe out all the last traces of "Temsik" left in this country.
: "Temsik"...? What in the world is that?
: Beats me. I just do what I'm told. All I know is you've got nowhere else to run to. Time to die, sister.

: Look, all I want to know is, who are you?
: You don't know me, and I don't know you. This is just business.

Since this scene takes place four minutes in the past, our ghostly shenanigans(like playing the guitar) are scattered throughout it. Of course, we haven't actually changed anything yet, so the outcomes are still the same.

: Not flashy. Just thorough. They call me "Nearsighted Jeego," but I never let my prey get away.
: Ever thought about just buying a pair of glasses?
: Well, sister. This is it. Two things are looking pretty dim right now...

The redhead gets shot just like before, and the recap ends there.

: No...!
: It's kind of ironic, when you think about it. A woman toyed with by fate, and a man toyed with by a ghost...
: But she still died.
: Yes, and you can change that -- with your ghost tricks! Just like you did four minutes ago. And you can rewind these four minutes as many times as you like, too. Now then, are you ready?
: Yeah. Let's do it.

(Music: Fate Updated)

: But what am I doing way down here?
: That's just how it works. Her corpse was your gateway into the past, after all. So, naturally, your starting point is where her corpse was.

With that little explanation out of the way, it's once again...

We start by jumping back into the lamp, which triggers a brief reminder by the lamp that we only have four minutes to save the redhead's life. He also points out that there's an hourglass timer on the top screen, which gives us a rough idea of how much time is left.

He then helpfully points us up, and we can easily jump up to this tire.

From there you can do a Trick on it, and...

The tire rolls to the left, but more importantly, that manniquin is pushed upright. This puts it within reach of the fridge, which you can open.

We now have all the pieces in place to get up to save the woman. But while we were doing that...

...the woman's been creeping ever closer to her doom. But this is still a bit of a tutorial level, so there's no real danger of not making it in time. Just go back down to the lamp, go back to the cot, re-fold it, and jump up to the area with the fan & the flag. Once you're there, you need to turn the fan and the blender on, then quickly jump into the flag. Once you've done that...

Note that if you failed to get the blender over here first, the flag wouldn't get raised up to where we want to go. Jumping directly over here is a good way to wonder what you're doing wrong until you remember you can go over by the tire. (not that I did anything like that.)

And now we just jump into that bicycle at the top of the screen.

: (There isn't much time left. This is coming down to a battle of seconds!)


He wasn't kidding when he said "seconds." Once you reach this point, you have three seconds to act before the redhead dies. Fortunately, time doesn't pass while in the ghost world, so to fail this part you'd have to be actively trying to screw it up. Just jump from the main body of the bicycle to the horn, do a Trick on the horn, and boom:

: Nearsighted Jeego never misses, so long as the target is within point-blank range!
: It looks like you made it in time...just barely.
: Yup! She's still alive!
: And in that split second, hope was born. Just now, her fate was changed, albeit ever so slightly.

Crisis averted! The redhead manages to run away(again), but...oh wait, we're not out of trouble yet.

This woman just can't catch a break today, can she?

: You said "her fate was changed"...but it looks like she's still in the same predicament.
: I said her fate was changed "ever so slightly."
: I guess I'm gonna have to take care of that guy once and for all.
: But there isn't much time left. Depending on what you do, there is still the possibility of failure.
: I don't want to think about failure now.
: No, of course not. But still...if you ever feel like you want to start over...

This isn't necessary now, but there are later puzzles where it's possible to get completely stuck. In those cases, the hourglass button is a godsend so that you don't have to wait around helpless for several minutes.

At any rate, right now there's not much to do but perform a Trick on the bicycle.

But hey, what happens if we just sit here for the rest of the time? Well, we can eavesdrop on the conversion happening over there...

: Nowhere to run now.
: No...!
: This time I mean it.

: So long, sister.

At this point, the countdown timer appears on the bottom screen to let you know exactly how fucked you are. Let it hit zero, and...

The redhead dies. Again. Luckily, we can rewind time as many times as we need to.

Also, remember the Fate Changed! banner? Once that shows up, you can restart the level from that point instead of having to redo everything.

(Music: Fate Updated ~ Variation)

Let's do things right this time. First, we move the bike & go up to the lever near the bike. Trick the lever, and...

That's a mighty nice position for that wrecking ball, eh? But we still have to find a way to drop it on the would-be assassin.

Reaching the wrecking ball isn't hard. Go over to the ladder, and Trick it.

Now we have a nice, open ladder. But more importantly, we have a ladder whose core is near where we want to go.

That wrecking ball! (technically you need to go to the claw right above the wrecking ball, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool). Once you're there, doing another Trick lets a spectacle unfold.

That has to hurt.

Pretty damned awesome, considering a wrecking ball was involved.

: So the danger is gone?
: Yes, it looks like the "danger" -- "Mr. Danger", in fact -- rolled away somewhere. You used your powers to avert that woman's fate.
: (So I did all that, huh?)
: You most certainly did! And I knew you could do it.

Despite his disturbing realization, our red-suited hero finally asks a question he probably should have asked a while ago.

: Who exactly are you, anyway?
: Just call me "Ray." As in, "ray of light in the darkness." Heh heh.
: "Ray," huh? So you're not going to tell me your real name, I take it.
: You haven't told me your name yet either, actually.
: I...I can't remember.

...yeah, it's going to be awkward referring to this guy for a while.

: Yes, I guess the memories of the newly departed tend to get a bit confused. some of us get our memories back. Others never do. But, if you ask me, does it really matter? After all, there's only one path left to the dead...

: Disappear...?

: But wait a minute. These "powers of the dead"...
: Yes?
: I'd like to use them to save somebody else's life.
: And whose life might that be?
: Do you even have to ask? Mine, of course.
: Ah, I see. But think about it this way. If we could use our ghost tricks to save ourselves...would't I have tried to save myself as well? I mean, look at me. I'm a desk lamp.
: ......why a desk lamp, anyway?
: I'm not really sure myself, to be honest.

: You're kidding!
: You'll only exist in this world until tomorrow morning. I'm afraid that fact can't be changed.
: (So there's really no escaping my own death...?!)

(Music: Ray ~ A Beam of Light)

: Very well. I understand how you feel. You want to go and learn the truth about your truth, as well you should.
: I will. But let's should we go about that, I wonder? (I can't even imagine what the first step would be.)
: The first step? That's easy. You start with her.

That's awfully for someone who nearly died several times tonight.

: (Hey, you're right! And not only that...) She might even know who I am!
: Yes, I'd say there's a very good possibility of that.
: (what was I doing here tonight, in a place like this? That woman probably knows the answer.)
: That's right. Never forget that. she's the key to everything tonight.
: The key to everything? What do you mean?
: You'll know soon enough, when you regain your memory.
: (Yeah, I'm like a blank sheet of paper right now. I should probably keep some kind of record of everything I learn tonight.)
: That's a very good idea.

: Memories aren't always the most reliable things, after all. All right then, I'll wish you good luck!

I'm not even going to ask how the Record is supposed to work, if not by memory. (unless we have some sort of ghost notebook with us?) At any rate, I'll be posting all the stuff in the Record at the end of the update. But for now, it's...

We start off in the claw, and the only place to go from there is the bike. You want to go to the handles(and not the center of the bike), because it's only from there you can shimmy over the power lines.

That puts us within reach of an umbrella, and since that's the only new thing over here, all we can do is Trick it.

: The crane moved all by itself, and then that big iron ball fell all by itself. It started raining all by itself, and then an umbrella came down all by itself. *gasp* Oh my goodness!

So close, and yet so very, very far. Our lovely lady then picks up the umbrella and walks down the stairs at the far left end of the junkyard.

But just when she gets down there...

A black cat. Well, it's not like her luck can be that terrible considering how many times we've already saved her from death.

: What's this? Some kind of note?

: Hopefully it's not just a shopping list or something.
: Yeah, that wouldn't help. (Should I check it out...?)

Since we have nothing else to do, of course we'll check it out! Jump over to the note, and...

: So you don't remember writing it, eh?
: No. But even more importantly --

The phone rings. Hopefully our hero wasn't going to say anything too important.


: Not to interrupt your train of thought, but I wonder if you've realized just where this telephone call is coming from.
: Huh? How would I know that?
: Think back. Before you helped her avert her fate, didn't a telephone call come in at around this time, too?
: Oh yeah!

: Exactly! In other this very moment, on the other end of this telephone line, is the culprit who ordered your murder!
: What?!

Ray then promises to tell us about another ghost trick when we possess the phone. Well, let's get to it, shall we?

Easy enough, since we're right next to it.

: ......
: Speak up, man. Did you get her?
: ......who is this?
: ......Hmm, yes. A thousand pardons, my dear lady. I must've dialed the wrong number. Fah ha ha!

: That's right. So what do you think? Would you like to go see him?
: You better believe I would!
: Then you would do well to listen to me. We ghosts exist by possessing inanimate objects. However there is one way we can move from place to place over great distances.
: And that would be...?
: The dead can move from point A to point B by moving over phone lines!
: Say what?
: I've done all I can to help you. You'll have to do the rest yourself.
: You're not coming with me?
: I'm afraid not. My powers have grown weak. I've already used up most of my remaining strength just to get here tonight. But I had to come, to ask for your help.
: My help?
: Many mysterious things will happen in this town tonight.

: You're the only one who can do it. I want you to use your powers of the dead to find this truth.
: I'm grateful to you for everything I've done. But I can't promise I'll help. Tomorrow morning, I cease to exist. That doesn't give me a whole lot of time...I need to pursue my own mystery, find out about myself.
: That's more than enough.
: Huh?

: One and the same? ...... (Hmm...This desk lamp knows a whole lot more than what he's telling me....)
: Now then.

: The rest is all up to you.

Wherever we are has some weird-ass phone numbering systems. At any rate, that's the only place left to go, so I'll see you there next time.

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