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by Haifisch

Part 4: GOOD DOG

Last time: We freaked out some blue-skinned assassins, discovered that the redhead is named Lynne, and finally found out that Mr. Redsuit is called Sissel.

And now it's time to go to Lynne's apartment to stop her from being killed (again).


...that doesn't look good.

: The poor, brave little warrior. He must've been trying to defend his mistress.

: (I have to do something about this situation, and fast!)

First thing's first: Let's see if we can make the poor little dog alive again.

(Music: The World of the Dead)

: And more to the point, WHO am I?
: ......

: Uh, are you talking to me?
: Of course! Do you see anybody else around here?!
: (If I remember right, the dead don't have voices. Their thoughts reach the other person directly. I guess that explains why this dog is talking to me right now.) This is your mistress's apartment, and you are, presumably, the little doggie who died here.
: "Died"? So I'm dead, huh?
: (Let's see. The lose their memories. They even forget what they look like. And so that's what this blue "flame" shape is all about...)
: Oh...!

One thing that doesn't come across well in screenshots is the fact that Missile tends to make the screen shake a bit while he's shouting about...well, anything, really. I suppose it's to remind you that he's your typical excitable little dog.

: Miss Kamila! My Miss Kamila is in trouble!
: ...! You mean, you remember?! You know who you are?!

: I'm a Pomeranian!
: (Well...I guess now I know it's possible for the dead to regain their memories...thanks to this little doggie!)
: Miss Kamila! Miss Kamilaaaaa! My Miss Kamila is in trouble! And I vowed to devote my life to protecting her! But I died before I could rescue her! How could I let her down like this?!

: I like your moxie, little doggie.

And with that, it's time to back to 4 minutes before Missile's death. Sissel doesn't even care to see if it'll help his situation; I'm pretty sure he just knows that a GOOD DOG BEST FRIEND doesn't deserve to die like that.

: ...where exactly are we?
: Huh? You followed me?
: I followed you. You brought me with you. One or the other.
: ( looks like the dead can move around together.) This is...the land of four minutes before your death.
: Really?! We're really here?! So that means you're going to save Miss Kamila, doesn't it!
: Aren't you even surprised? I mean, we just traveled through time, and--
: Not especially! I mean, Miss Kamila can walk around on two legs, and I can't do that. So if she can do that...

: So that's the way your mind works, eh? I guess that's reasonable enough.
: Come on, come on! Let's get started!

Video: Four Minutes Before Missile's Death

: Okay, let's get started on saving her!
: But let's are we going to do this? It seems to me the easiest way would be for you to take a big bite out of that man's leg.
: Oh, I don't think I could do that! Whenever somebody I don't know comes around, all I want to say is...

: I can't help it!
: Okay, then I guess the only thing we can do is get the little lady to help herself somehow.
: Oh, I don't think she could do that! Did you notice her putting those red things on her head?
: Red things...? Oh, you mean the headphones?
: Whenever she puts those red things on, that's it! I can call her name until my throat is sore, but she never hears me! To be perfectly honest...

: Hmm, you're right. With those headphones on, our little lady doesn't even hear the sound of the intruder's gun.

Either those headphones must be really good at noise cancelling, or else Kamila has the music up REALLY LOUD. But enough about that, since it's...

(Music: Fate Updated)

Hey, we start off right near the phone. What happens if I try to use it?

Diddly squat, that's what.

: What's wrong?
: This telephone doesn't seem to be working right now. Hmm....

Okay, enough with that. Sissel clues us in that we have to get some form of Kamila's cooperation to succeed, which means getting rid of anything(like the headphones they kept bringing up). And hey, there's an umbrella right above them. I wonder if we can just knock those headphones into the fish tank so they short-circuit?

: (Hey, I think you're onto something here...if we drop them in the fish tank, Kamila won't be able to use them anymore.)
: But if we drop them in the fish tank, Kamila'll get a scolding from Miss Lynne!
: All you have to do is pretend it was your fault. That's the way of the honorable warrior.
: Okay...but you've obviously never seen Miss Lynne when she gets mad...

Alas, no matter how many times we poke at the headphones, they won't fall into the water. All we can do is wait until Kamila goes to put them on.

: Miss Kamila is going to put those red things on her head!
: Yeah, I know. And once she gets them on, it's all over. She won't be able to hear a thing.

The thing to do now is wait until Kamila starts fumbling with the headphones, then extend the umbrella again.

: Lynne just bought those headphones, too. How about if we tell her you did it, Missile? Darn. Now I can't even listen to music, either. I think the gods are playing tricks on me tonight.

: (So, what? Now you think you're one of the gods, eh?)
: Huh? No! Never mind that!The important thing is, we managed to change the situation!
: That's true. At least now we can use the little lady's ears to help us.

: The question is, what do we do now? Unless we do something more, the outcome will still be the same.
: Oh, if only I had big, strong teeth and an aggressive spirit!

: Oh, I have an idea! Why don't we hide Miss Kamila?!
: ...! (Hide, huh?) That sounds like just the kind of idea a little doggie would come up with.
: Are you making fun of me?
: (But where could a little lady hide in this room? Hmm. I think I might have just the place.) But there's just one little problem.
: How to get Miss Kamila in there, right?
: Exactly. If I could possess Kamila herself, the answer would be easy.

You may have noticed a few possible hiding spots by now, but the main issue is leading Kamila to any of them. So for now, all we can do is mess around with stuff and see what happens. First, let's push that donut cart around...

Then she just moves over to where the cart went. No matter how many times you move the cart back and forth, "where'd the donuts go?" is her only reaction. Kamila's one oblivious little girl.

At any rate, from there I jump up to the donut bowl itself, and give it a little shake...

Why in the everloving fuck is that mouse pink?

...anyway, from there you can jump up to the star and make it play music. This makes Missile go nuts barking at it, the mouse flee, and the lady next door pissed that Missile's barking again.

: And your poor mistress has to get up and quiet you every time.
: Yes, I'm truly embarrassed by my own behavior...
: (Hey, look at that. One of the ornaments fell off the tree.)
: I'm not interested in things like that. I graduated from playing with balls long ago.
: You should try graduating from needless barking, too.
: Sorry. That's one thing I could just never give up!

To move on from here, you have to wait for the rotating Santa ornament to come near you, then jump into it.

Then you can ride it to the other end of the room.

Now jump down to the cabinet on the computer desk...

...and you can open its door...

...which sends the ornament flying under the couch. But neither Missile nor Kamila reacts to it; Missile wasn't lying when he said he didn't chase after balls.

: I like to tidy up by shoving eyesores under the sofa. Heh heh.
: Hey, how come you're looking at me when you say that?
: (Hey, wait a minute. Under the sofa, eh? That might be a spot where the hitman wouldn't look.)
: Come to think of it! Miss Kamila climbs under the sofa all the time, trying to catch me!
: You're a naughty little doggie, aren't you?

Okay. But how will we do that? Well, if we try to shake the donut bowl again...

...we quickly realize that we're fucked.

: Hmm, what do we do now? Without that donut, the squeaky guy won't come, and I won't bark!
: Yeah, and the barking part is your favorite, right? (Hmm, it looks like only one donut will fall. We only get one chance...)

So now there are two options: Start over from the fate change, or wait to see what happens when Tengo comes in while Kamila can hear him. I choose to wait, because why not?


: Miss Kamilaaaaaa! We have to do something! WE JUST HAVE TO!
: Now, now. Getting worked up isn't going to help. we're down to the wire, here.

And then we get a reminder that we can rewind time to start over again, but I won't be doing that.

: If you promise to keep quiet, I'll let you live. For now, anyway...
: ......

Missile, of course, keeps on barking.

: What a shame.

: Missile! Nooooo!

And then Missile gets shot again. Okay, let's rewind the clock and do things right this time. First, we repeat the tipping of the donut cart, and then QUICKLY get over to the cabinet of the computer desk again. Once we're there, all we have to do is open the damned door.

And now we've got Kamila's attention, too.

Then she crawls under the couch to see what Missile's up to(and to shut him up).

: Aw, my little "Missile"! You're always doing the cutest things!

And the game just has Tengo come right in, instead of making us wait another couple minutes.

: Might as well make myself comfortable in the meantime.

Donut stealing jerk!


: There! Our little lady's fate has been averted.
: It has? The poor thing is still curled up in a ball and shaking in fear.
: Well, yeah, that's true. But that's not so bad. In the scheme of things, I'd say she's just fine. And, look. You're not dead.
: Oh, you're right. We did it. We did it, didn't we?!

: Well, to be precise, you're the one who did it.
: Huh? Me...? I saved Miss Kamila...?
: Yup. You're the one who led her under the sofa, right?
: ......
: You protected your mistress. I can attest to that!
: Oh...oh, thank you!

: Sure. What is it?
: What exactly are those strange powers of yours?
: You mean my ghost tricks? Apparently they're the power to manipulate inanimate objects.
: If they're "ghost" tricks, then can I do them too? I'm dead, too, after all.
: I-I guess? (That's how it goes, right?)
: I've been staring at those donuts as hard as I can for a long time now, but they won't budge for me! Why do you suppose that is?
: I don't really know. I guess you just don't have that power.
: Well, I have one thing to say to that...

: So what's going to happen to me now?
: Nothing, really. Your death has been erased. You'll just go back to being a happy little doggie, living your everyday life. I guess this means goodbye.
: But...we'll meet again sometime, right?
: Yeah, maybe. If you die again.
: What you did for me tonight...

: Heh heh. Well, I guess we'd better be getting back to the "present." Time to see what happens next in our "story"!

: The little lady is still curled up in a ball and shaking with fear. And the little doggie is wagging his tail happily. So what am I going to do now? I think I'll watch for a while and see what happens.

And then the phone rings. ...why do they have what looks like a rotary phone, anyway?

: Still at the junkyard? All right, got it. I'm on my way.

: She hasn't had enough of that junkyard yet, apparently. I can't let Nearsighted Jeego beat me out on this one. I'd better hurry.

And then he leaves. Good riddance.

: You saved me, didn't you Missile? I just know you did!

Then the phone rings AGAIN.

(Music: Fate Updated ~ Variation)

Better see what that's about!

: It sounds serious. I wonder what they're saying? I'd better go possess that phone and listen in.

As we're on our way there...something odd pops up.

: Dreaming away the life we worked so hard to get back for him. That's fine, but what's up with that core? The dead can't possess living creatures. That's one of the rules Mr. Desk Lamp taught me.

: It's--hmm...Come to think of it, I never did ask you your name.
: I guess it's good we ran into each other, then. This is a good chance for us to reintroduce ourselves to each other.
: You mean you forgot my name already?! After everything we shared together?! The drama?! That tearful goodbye?!

: But, you know, it's strange...I wonder why you remember me, now that you're alive again? Do you remember your time being dead?
: Of course! All of it!
: (Okay, let me get this straight. The memory of being dead doesn't disappear. And the dead I meet in the Ghost World develop a core when they return to the land of the living. And if I then possess that core, I can talk to that person!)
: It looks that way, yes.

So let's talk to Missile again! He can't seem to get enough of barking talking anyway.

: What "never fails"?
: Every time she gets on that black "Hello?" she talks and talks and forgets all about me! No matter how much I run around and show off, she never even glances at me!
: (So that was you showing off, eh?) Well, I would like to hear what the ladies are talking about.
: Oh! So would I!

Okay okay, let's go over to the phone, then.

: Listen to me! You have to get out of there right now!
: But what about dinner? I was thinking about spaghetti tonight...
: I won't going back there for a while. And you might be in danger if you stay there, too!
: But I already WAS in danger. Just a little while ago--
: Meet me at that restaurant, the Chicken Kitchen, on Dead End Drive!
: Dead End Drive? I dunno...That's pretty far.
: Just hurry, okay?! Oh, and one more thing...bring the music box with you, okay?
: Music box...? I love music boxes! Is it a present for me?
: I'm sorry, but it doesn't play. I can't even get the lid open.
: Then you can't very well call it a "music" box then, can you? More like just "box".
: Just bring it, okay?! It's kind of big, and made of wood.
: Okay, I will. Where is it?
: I kinda hid it in that room you're in...

That seems like the only appropriate response to a guy surprising you with a pigeon.

: Darn. Now I dropped the phone in there, too. How about if we tell her you did it, Missile? But I sure hope Lynne's all right...I better get going. I know right where Dead End Drive is. But I never saw any music box around here! Where am I supposed to find it? Do you know where it is, Missile? Help me look, okay?

: Well I guess the phone's "dead" now too. what are the odds that would happen? Looks like our little lady is a bit of a klutz. The next thing you know, she'll be dropping her poor little doggie in that tank. Anyway, something is happening to Lynne. I'd better help Kamila find her treasure. (Hmm, I don't know if it's because I lost my memory or what...)

Seriously, man? Oh, and there's more bad news if you try to use the phone:

: Don't tell me...I'm trapped in this room?

Well that ain't good. But for now, let's focus on...talking to Missile!

: Me? What do you mean?
: You can really help her out right now, with that great nose of yours!
: Oh, you're right! I didn't think of that! So what kind of smell should I be looking for?
: Oh, uh...I don't really know.
: Oh.
: Hey, come on. You can't expect me to do everything for you.
: That's okay. Don't feel too bad about it...
: (I'm being consoled by a dog...)

That wasn't helpful. However, if you've been paying attention during the puzzle, you might have already noticed where the music box is. To get there, we hop back on that flying Santa ornament...

...and then make it rotate faster.

That puts it at the correct height for us to jump up to that latch. Then we can open it!

: That just might be the "music box" we're looking for. I bet the little lady will know when she sees it.

Of course, now the issue is making Kamila notice the box. But considering where it landed, that ought to be easy enough.

Just jump to the star and make it spin around and play music again, and when Kamila goes to turn it back off...

: I'll leave the remote here. But don't you touch it, Missile! If the TV comes on, you'll start barking. I'd hate to find you flattened underneath that wall when I got home...okay, I'm leaving now, Missile. I have to go help Lynne! She's like a sister to me, you know! You be good while I'm away! And no barking!

That is quite a pickle. (Which I personally think could have been avoided if we'd just jumped into the music box before Kamila left, but I guess Sissel wasn't thinking that quickly.) At any rate, we'll see what we can do about our predicament in the next update.

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